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rock nyc's Naughty And Nice List

The always nice Santa Moz














As I write this list, Santa is looking over my shoulder and tutting or nodding his head in appreciation because, just before he flys off to give all the good girls and boys gifts, he is picking up our list to help with some of the more famous among us and rock nyc is here to help…

Without any further ado: the rock nyc naughty and nice list

Austin Mahone – Naughty – Justin Bieber is not worried

Beyonce – Nice – She does it with the lights out

Bono – Naughty – Recorded the worst tribute to Nelson Mandela than closed down Spiderman

Bobby Womack – Nice – And he sang great

Britney Spears – Disastrous album, and I bet the live show

Cat Stevens – Naughty – Unless he decides to play North America, of course…

Drake – Naughty – and boring

Elvis Costello – Naughty – Now the hype has calmed down, how often have you listed to that crappy Roots album?

Eric Clapton – Nice – He did that two night charity gig at MSG

Gov’s Ball – Naughty – we warned em to do it so early in the summer.

Ian Watkyns  – Naughty – Perhaps naughty doesn’t quite do him justice…

Jingle Ball –  Naughty – Worst one ever

Joseph Steinhardt – Nice  – And ALBUM OF THE YEAR

Justin Bieber – Nice – Those singles in segments were awesome.

Kanye  West – Naughty – As nice as the album was, he has acted like a complete dick all year.

Katy Perry – Naughty – That Prism album? Terrible.

Laura Marling – Naughty – It is what she does

Linda Thompson – Nice – Especially on Facebook

Maria Taylor – Nice-  Dedicated a song to me during her concert

Metallica – Naughty – What was with that movie?

M.I.A. – Nice – And one of the best albums of the year

Miley Cyrus – Naughty – And I do mean naughty.

Morrissey – Nice – But awful whimpy

Pussy Riot – Nice – And free, shame about the songs.

Rick Ross – Naughty – Why get a full band behind you if you don’t know how to rap in public?

Selena Gomez – Naughty – I don’t mind her growing up, a mind her growing up but still acting like a baby.

Taylor Swift – naughty – She took down her Facebook page.


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