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Revolver, Qu'est-Ce Que C'est?

I suppose I really have to really check out these three guys when they play at Amoeba this Sunday, because, they have named themselves ‘Revolver’, after the Beatles’ album, and because, in every single article I have recently found about them, they have mentioned Elliott Smith as a main influence: ‘The artist that ultimately inspired us to write songs was Elliott Smith’, they said this week to the SFWeekly.

But there’s more in this same interview: ‘I really feel close to Elliott’s songs, and Bright Eyes. We don’t try to necessarily do that. Once we tried to cover an Elliott Smith song and it just felt awkward to sing his lyrics with three different voices. It was too personal to recreate’.

Isn’t that cute? And Bright Eyes too?

Ambroise Willaume, Christophe Musset, and Jeremie Arcach, who have formed Revolver in 2006, may be from Paris, but their baroque chamber pop is definitively inspired by many 60s big acts, like the Beach Boys, the Kinks and the Beatles, with a taste for an intimate but dark and voluptuous sound, as they have replaced the bass guitar with cello.
If Jeremie has declared that it was Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’ who inspired him to become a musician, he was sold on pop music when Ambroise and Christophe asked him to go to a Radiohead concert.

They perform in English, having learned it while listening to a lot of Beatles’ songs, and say they have decided to choose this second language because more suited for vocal harmonies, something they use a lot in their quiet and delicate compositions.

They have released several EPs and a LP in France and have been nominated twice for the equivalent of a French Grammy, now they just have to break in America

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