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Platinum Taylor!!!

Quite a year for young Taylor, right? A wolf of her own and a Platinum Edition of Fearless, what else can a girl ask for for.

I’m a diehard Swifter but I’m not a teenage girl last time I looked so what I want is not the videos and behind the scenes stuff but the new music and with the huge complaint that they still haven’t released “Thug Story” MP3, I passed all on the videos included the “Thug Story” and I passed on the piano version of “Forever and Ever” which left spending seven bucks on five new Swift songs and they’re all great.

Looking at the recording personnel I think these are outtakes from the sessions that gave us the album but there appears to be no reason except for the length of the album not to have released them. This is as good as anything she has ever written, maybe better. “Jump Then Fall” is a just about perfect taylor song, the lyric all teen girl romance with a heart of pure sweetness, and the song a melodic treasure that starts with an acoustic  guitar and has three hooks that I can hear.

“Come In With The Rain” plays the same slow start – waiting for the second verse – production but with the addition of strings and orchestra. “Superstar” might be a sly self reference (you could imagine “your photograph hung on my wall, superstar” to be what the world is saying to Taylor).

None of it would matter so much if they weren’t all great, great songs. Really, this girl can write like a dream. She might be married to the pop machine now, a new movie in the works with the New Moon boyfriend, and she may be an over whelemed piece of product just like Miley or any of those Disney kids, but she is so much more important. I don’t think you can teach somebody to write songs as good as “The Other Side Of the Door” or “Superstar”. It’s a bit like Cobian, it leaves people nonplussed, they can’t believe their ears. How can somebody write so well? It doesn’t make sense.

Taylor Swift is gonna be a huge star for the rest of her life. This is great stuff, buy all five new songs right now. I’ll wait for you here.

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