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Not With The Band: To Believe In Doomsday Predictions Is So UnPunk Rock

According to a Reuters survey, 1 in 10 people in the world believed that the world was about to end last Friday,… they believed in the Mayan calendar prediction! And since musicians are no different from the rest of the population when it comes to these crazy believes, we can estimate that 1 in 10 musicians were terrorized on Friday! Exene Cervenka made an allusion to it when I saw X playing on 12/21, I doubt she was being serious, but still, she was thinking about it. Mary made a list of songs for the doomsday occasion, and one thing is certain, there is no shortage of these end-of-world songs.


Spinner is reporting that the band Sound Tribe Sector Nine was playing close by the Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico on the date of the apocalypse, and that wasn’t a coincidence. This band has totally ‘embraced Mayan culture, even basing elements of their tour schedule, routing and stage production on various parts of Mayan lore’.  Okay, it seems fun but it was kind of a joke right? Unfortunately, not really, as this is what STSN's guitarist Hunter Brown told Spinner:


‘This has always been a dream to be down here at this time, doing this. We've always drawn from some of the stuff that the Mayans were inspired by … They talk about some incredible stuff, like how the earth travels through this energy radiation wave that comes through our sun that they think might help spur evolution because there's this focused energy on the planet and we come in and out of that. There are big name scientists today who say that, yes, that might be what's going on. That's what we're finding out about our universe and what's happening to our planet, and I think that's just fascinating to no end how these people, with no tools, so long ago, just by looking and being curious and just kind of checking it out, were able to figure out.’


Okay Brown, just stick to your music please! When did the Mayans become the most advanced scientists in history? And what’s the hell is he talking about? I simply can’t make any sense of his sentence about energy, this is insane. The Mayas may have been advanced for their time but, no, there are no big scientists that would even consider taking a lesson from them! Think about it for a minute, and let my favorite astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, explain it once again: According to this same Mayan culture, their beginning of the world occurred on August 11th 3113 BC, so they got the beginning of the world wrong by about 4.5 billions years and people still believe they got the date of the end of the world right?  But there is even worst, the Mayans believed that the earth was a flat square resting on the back of a crocodile floating in a big lily pond, held up by five trees of different colors,… and I am not making it up, this was the Mayans’ account of the universe and why we even consider their calendar is beyond me. Sadly, superstition still dominates the world, as the world of music…

Pat Boone declared to the Huffington Post: ‘So, we try to be prudent and we built a permanent shed with a diesel-operated generator. We have a nice place to put food and water, blankets and survival stuff, if we had to have it. We just think that we should be prepared. If experts are telling us certain things may happen, we don't know if they will or not, but to simply ignore them and done nothing in case the predictions are right, seems not a wise choice, so we've taken some precautions. When it comes to the Mayan prophecy…who knows? I'm not spooked and I just think we will continue to look at and watch for signs.’

This is lunatic Pat Boone but even ZZ top guitarist Billy Gibbons had his doubts:

‘Just this year, we've talked about it in the dressing rooms a few times, and we couldn't decide if we wanted to have an end of the world blowout show or the next day would be a celebration show. I think everybody is scratching their heads and going, 'Well, they don't say what's gonna happen — they just observe the end of the calendar.' So, it's looming.'

Reuters reported this week that a lot of artists, hippies and musicians had congregated at the ancient holy sites in Mexico on the world’s last day, and you could hear some non sense declarations such as ‘there is an explosion of consciousness through this’, ‘we are becoming billionaires of energy. Opening to receive more light and more joy’… yeah, right, I believe many people are totally insane. There is no magic in numbers, there is no energy or consciousness in a special date or place, and no superstitions of the past should rule our lives, this is so unpunk rock! The future is unwritten,…R.I.P. Joe Strummer.

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