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New Music Week of March 28th, 2011: Surrender To the Beat

1. I'm Into you (feat Lil Wayne) – Jennifer Lopez – Sure it is over produced, everything is, but whoever is programing the beats knows their shit, Lil Wayne is excellent -as good as he has been since prison, and J Lo may not be able to sing but you can sure project.

Criminal – BritneySpears  – Exemplifies what is wrong with the album, a heart beat not fast enough, song is catchy but recycled. Sounds like Madonna but deep cut nothing early 1990s Madonna.

On An On – Mac Miller – Like Asher Roh only without the one hit

Screws Get Loose – Those Darlins – Like the Archies on amphetimes, Care Bears On Fire wipe the floor with em.

Windows – Broken Bells – Unbearably bleepy bullshit.

Wooden (Wooden Whjps Remix) – Heavy up the bass, fuzz out the synths, slow it down.

Que Veux-Tu – Yelle – Electronic pop with a pretty good French chick taking the lead.

Hallelujah, I Love Her So – Wynton Marsalis And Willie Nelson – from the Lincoln Center Ray Charles tribute. Not bad… but completely irrelevant.

Second Chance – Peter Bjorn And John – 80s influence synth pop.

Crumbling – Emery – Thre is a whole world of bands that sound like the grungers Live and this is one of them.

someone T O Love me (Naked) – Mary J. Blige – Kinda funny a song with every thing but the brooklyn Bridge in it called naked… the "nya nya nya" are a great hook. TRACK OF THE WEEK

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