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Miley Cyrus Disses Selena Gomez On Stage

Miss Diss

Miss Diss

Women in the music scene can be ridiculously catty and immature, and Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez are no exception to this.  When performing in Milan, Miley was singing her angry tune “FU” when she saw a cardboard cutout that was a crude body with Selena Gomez’s face pasted on it, and then angrily chucked it back into the crowd.  It was clearly a diss that wasn’t premeditated, but appropriately fell upon the lines, “I don’t really have much to say … I was over it the second that I saw her name … I got two letters for you … One of them’s F and the other one’s U.”

Gomez had dated Justin Bieber for quite some time, until rumors came up that he was cheating- possibly with Cyrus.  This is where the cat fight began.  Selena hated Cyrus because she stole her boyfriend, and Cyrus resented the accusation.  Selena Gomez commented on Cyrus’ behavior, and though she knows that Miley will do pretty much anything to get attention, she doesn’t “really have any respect” for Miley either.
To be fair, the exposure is probably good for Selena because her career has tanked and she’s struggling to stay relevant anyway.  What I don’t understand is why Miley needs to start a feud when she is clearly the one who is more successful and famous than many of her previous fellow Disney stars.
To be fair this could all simply be for publicity and the girls don’t really have anything against each other, but you never know.  Regardless, it’s petty and stupid.  But what do you expect?

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