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MFT 12-22-12

1. Hurt – Leona Lewis – The X Factor Limey is such a big star, her lack of chart presence feels much like choice. Her new single is mood music, a gorgeous downer of whispering intensity and a signpost for how Lewis wants to maneuver from her late 20s to her early 30s.

2. Sidity -Roscoe Dash – featuring Big Sean which I guess makes you third tier rapper. The sample hook isn't bad.

3. The Dreamer – Common feat Maya Angelou – This is the worst song of the year. Maya whinging at Ellis Island is just creepy but Common's self-service is abysmal.Does anybidy take this guy seriously. I mean, seriously.

4. Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box – Radiohead – From their classic Amnesiac, the opening track works its piano motif to "Get off my case, I'm a reasonable man". I would say building its way but it is more like dragging.

5. Little Talks – Of Monsters And Men – The two tone-y horns that open a track lift it whenever they reappear, the vocals are standard issue fe/male call and response.

6. What If We All Stopped Paying Out Taxes – Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings – I am sure it works better for you then me, it sounds to me like James brown with a chick vocalist and a crap bassist.

7. I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Christmas – Bon Jovi – So how bad is this? It is as clumsy as the "could be like" in the title. It is the worst christmas song since McCartney's .

8. The Chrismas Song (Alternate version) – The Raveonettes – The piano tinkles like a jewelry box, and the singer sings something about going hhome, now.

9. Over My Dead Body – Drake – Shoulda been in my best of the year top 10? Top 5? Higher?

10. Love On The Rocks – Neil Diamond – Sure, you can buy into the Diamond legend… but only up to a point.

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