Meet Lulu S., Daughter of Paul Simon And Edie Brickell

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The domestic dispute between Paul Simon and his wife Edie Brickell was all over the tabloids last week, and I am not really ashamed to admit I have read quite a bit about it! In the aftermath – he said something hurtful, she slapped him in the face, he shoved her and he or Edie’s mother (according to the Daily Mail) called 911 – everything seems fine at the Simon’s house. They even ran in the studio to record a song together as they wanted to be sure we all know they still love each other, in case you’d care. Brickell posted the duet ‘Like to Get to Know You’ on her website, and I thought, 22 years together and they like to get to know each other? Maybe they got to know too much each other?

Anyway, the incident also made their 19-year-old daughter Lulu, one of their three kids, more visible, mostly because she tweeted just after the incident ‘We are more than the worst thing that’s ever happened to us’. So I checked on Lulu (her tweets are protected of course) but she has a bandcamp. What? Paul Simon and Edie Brickell’s daughter is a songwriter? What a surprise really! She has put out three songs there, ‘January’, ‘Pluto’, and ‘I Could Love You If You’d Let Me’ ,… not bad at all.

‘January’ is a melancholic piano ballad, the confessional type, with a great hook and a sweet voice at the top of this, a bit like her mother’s. The happy ‘Pluto’ is a glorious little tune performed with an acoustic guitar and Lulu’s strong childish vocals. She has quite a tuneful organ, and this one reminds me of some great classic, the kind of songs performed on Broadway shows or somewhere like that. The girl has talent, maybe she got some help, maybe it’s totally genetic, maybe both. ‘I Could Love You If You’d Let Me’ is also an acoustic song with an almost Hawaii ukulele vibe at the beginning, it’s a love song, cute, very innocent and totally adorable.

She has also performed with her famous father on ‘Father & Daughter (I found this shaky video on YouTube), and yes I have been stalking her all over the internet for a few hours! Would her famous parents approve? I don’t know but they should not have fought and called 911 if they wanted to keep it private, plus the music is there to be heard, so here are Lulu’s exquisite songs:


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