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Listen To Chris Owens' New Song, 'It Comes Back to You'


Since I saw ex-Girls’ Chris Owens play alone last year, I was wondering what had happened to him. After Girls’ breakup, he started a solo career, released the album ‘Lysandre’, but this did not really take off, and we hadn’t heard anything from him since.  Was he forever lost for the music business and was he going to be only doing modeling?

No way! On Wednesday, the singer songwriter posted a new song on his Facebook page, a song appropriately entitled ‘It Comes Back to You’, followed by the comment: ‘Here’s a song from a new album I’ve made with dear friends, it’s thrilling for me to finally be able to share this—Xo’

The song is so much in Girls’ same line of thought, melodic with big and warm instrumentation, wobbling organ, uplifting and gospelic backup vocals and Chris Owens’ fragile but clear voice at the top of all these layers. The tune bursts in repetition and spreads the same heartbreaking feeling, the same retro vibe that were already present on many of the tunes we all loved on Girls’ last album ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’…. actually it could be just a leftover from this album. So far we don’t know much more than this, whether an album is about to be released or who are these dear friends, but we will probably learn more soon.

Okay, after all may be this song is a little bit too close from his previous work, nobody really wants a ‘Father, Son , Holy Ghost II’ right?

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