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Ke$ha Update, Hot Mess or Publicity Plea?

cuz they say she got swagger

















The party may not start til Ke$ha walks in but clear the way cuz she’s headed to the bathroom to puke up her dinner.  So begins the newest saga from the hoe we all forgot.  Remember her Rollings Stone bit with her mom discussing blow jobs and party antics?  The mother / daughter dream team were not quite as controversial as the infamous Brooke Shields and her mammy but they ran a close second for fucked up situations.

Ke$ha pretty much disappeared.  Hooking on to Pitbull for a brief time last year in an odd tour she hasnt really been in the news enough to sustain a career.  What’s been up with the girl who gave us “Tic Toc” and … wait, can you name another hit off the top of your head? Of course not!

Anyway she’s in rehab. Why?  Eating disorder given to her as a gift from her manager Dr Luke.  What is he a doctor of?  Vomit maybe?  Anyway Ke$has mom is yapping about her now in a frantic effort to keep her daughter in payroll.

It wasn’t just Luke. She had an adviser who told her he had a meeting with a record company and they said she better lose 15lbs. in the next 30 days,’ Pebe told RadarOnline.

“He told her he didn’t care if she shoved her hand down her throat or took illegal drugs, but she had to lose the weight.

‘Everybody in the industry has thrown up! Ke$ha’s been in the bathroom with other celebrities throwing up!

‘Who knows who’s the one who’s gonna have the heart attack or the stroke? She was really good at hiding it.’

Ke$ha signed with Dr. Luke in 2005, but struck up a new deal with RCA Records in 2009.

When she first started out, Pebe says the producer put a lot of pressure on her to look a certain way.

‘She had been dieting and exercising and she got really thin and Luke told her she wasn’t thin enough and needed a trainer, but I couldn’t afford a trainer as a single mom. She came home a month or two later so skinny,’ she said.

‘She told me she was juicing and hiking Runyon, but she was throwing up. I knew at some point she’d done it. I told her it was dangerous. her teeth, her voice. She’d swear she wasn’t doing it anymore, but had a breakdown right before Christmas and told me she’d been doing it pretty much on a daily basis since two months after she signed with Luke.’

“It was dangerous to her teeth, her voice”, thats the best part.  Never mind her entire well being lets stick with looks and income.   Rumor has it there is alcohol abuse as well but thats being dismissed in the press since anorexia/bulimia sells more ad space.   Good luck Ke$ha, get well and all that jazz.

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