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Jane's Addiction Explain Delays In New Album

In a recent interview to Rolling Stone, Perry Farrell explained why Jane’s Addiction has not been able to release a new album since 2003.
Farrell described his frustration by saying, ‘It's definitely like, as Brian Wilson puts it: The dry hump, we're waiting and waiting and waiting to release this record. It's like watching something that you really want. You become an animal. Your desire grows and grows.’

But it seems that this long wait is finally over this summer: The band is recording ‘The Great Escape Artist’, a potential 20-song album with the help of TV On the Radio’s Dave Sitek as bassist and songwriter, whom Farrell described ‘like a scientist’, ‘not afraid of making a monster’.

Dave Navarro also characterized the new album as ‘not a typical rock record’, with a lot of it being ‘really hypnotic’, and probably not including any epic guitar solos typical of their early records. He added ‘There is a beauty in simplicity that I'm really embracing. To me, that's an evolution as an artist’.

After several attempts to reunite, in 2008 with bassist Eric Avery who left, then with Guns N’ Roses’ Duff McKagan who also quit after 6 months, they are finally putting things together, and the songs written with McKagan might still be on the album, although reworked with Sitek; however, when they tour this summer, they will have to look for a bassist, since Sitek has declined their offer.

Farrell explained McKagan’s departure to Rolling Stone: ‘He wasn't really comfortable hanging with us, we thought it was a good idea, but it ended up that we annoyed him’.

What was McKagan annoyed about exactly? He did not really say he was in a recent interview to Vanity Fair published this last Tuesday: ‘I like trying new things and I love Perry. I’ve known the guys for a long time. I tried to do my best to help them out. They’d become my comrades, and Eric’s departure hit them hard. We wrote some really great songs, but when I started recording with Loaded in August, I really discovered I can only do one or the other.’

But not only the guy has recorded an album, but he is also writing a financial column for Playboy Magazine, a weekly column in Seattle Weekly, another one for ESPN, and has just launched his own wealth management firm, Meridian Rock, specialized in managing rock stars' portfolios! A really busy guy, but annoyed? Not even close.


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