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Izzy True Joining Modern Hut And Amy Klein At Silent Barn Saturday Night!


Izzy True

~*~*~*be the kitchen show u wish 2 see in the world*~*~*~

Ah, yes, words to live by, strange, bizarre words to live by, but with a great line up for a concert at Upstairs at Silent Barn, aka The Kitchen, on Saturday April 11th. This sounds like a really terrific show, it is just a shame it’s in Brooklyn. Still, if you can make it there, you should be in for a real treat.

First is headliner Amy Klein. I became aware of Amy Klein when she was with Titus Andronicus in 2010, she left in 2011  and that coincides directly with the start and end of the bands golden age . They were pushing their masterpiece The Monitor, and the addition of a woman into their ranks (never repeated) gave them such a wild wild spark. TA followed her tenure with their most depressing album and nothing else (Patrick is currently knee deep into a rock opera but we haven’t heard it yet) and Amy went on to her awesome alt rock duo Hilly Eye as well as some truly astonishing pure folk songs on her webpage. I haven’t heard from her in awhile.

Modern Hut is Joseph Steinhardt, Don Giovanni Records other owner, solo project. I am a huge fan of Steinhardt’s songwriting, his work with the superb punk pop band For Science will last for some of us forever (I have been planning to write about “Colorado” for the umptenth time just last week and still might) and Modern Hut’s debut album Generic Treasure, was the best of 2013. “America” is a must hear. But the man, is a slow, meticulous songwriter, and new material is hard to come by. I assume he is working on it but till then a Hut  sighting is always a good thing.

Calorie Girl, the opening band, I know nothing about, when you click their youtube link you get a video from NASA outer space and when you google their name you get lots of calories and some girls but not at the same time, so you will have to find out for yourself.

Finally, there is Izzy, aka Izzy True, aka Isabel Reidy, who began her career with the Realbads, singing sad songs like “Vampire” and “Prom Night” with a full rock band and torchy vocals, before going solo and singing “rock bedroom rock and roll sad Ithaca” songs like “30 30” (here).

I sent some questions to Izzy and here is her replies. See you in the Kitchen (info here) , till then, to quote Izzy: Be nice, stay real

1- What was your childhood like? How old are you? Anything you care to share?
Haha, that’s a pretty broad one. I’m 22 and my childhood was pretty good. No complaints here.

2- When did you get interested in music and learn to play an instrument.
My dad is a musician and all of my siblings play music, as well as a good portion of my extended family. I’ve been picking up instruments and messing with them since I was little. I guess I didn’t really get serious about guitar until my late teens.

3- What happened to the Realbads? –do you consider your music indie?
The Realbads was a really fun band but I had a freakout (unrelated) and “moved” across the country. When the dust settled the arrangement had changed. I could’ve picked things back up with The Realbads, but playing on my own I realized I was never going to get better at guitar by hiding behind all those super talented guys. I guess the music is indie, in that it is wimpy.

4- Do you like torch songs? I guess I mean female blues singers?
I like torch songs. I guess I like most music in which pathetic desperation is a dominant theme. That’s my wheelhouse, emotionally.

5 – Who are your influences
Michael Hurley, Genesis, and Jonathan Richman.

6 – The new song “Wildgeeses” is more singer songwriter than the EP –a change in direction? It sounds more like extreme loner folk…
Wildegeeses is not my song!!! It’s a Michael Hurley song.

7 – How did you get involved with Don Giovanni Records?
Joe and his wife are going to school in my hometown right now, our paths crossed last year and we figured out we were into a lot of the same weird old man music.

8 – You are touring with Modern Hut?
Yes! This week! I’m stoked.

9- Are you working on an album?
We’ve got an EP all recorded, it should be coming out in early July.

10 – What’s your favorite current music? And old?
For new… I’ve had the Ariel Pink song “Picture Me Gone” stuck in my head for a few days. And old, I guess the number one most played song in my itunes library is “Blue Museum” by Arthur.

11 –Favorite writer, movie, TV show.
I don’t know if this is my favorite but I watched this documentary about “Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony” and it made me cry. I’m not saying it was good, but it’s the only thing that is coming to mind right now.

12 -Do you have an axiom by which you live your life
be nice, stay real

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