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Ian Rubbish Interviews 'The Clash', And You're Amused?


Fred Armisen was a cast member on Saturday Night Live a few years ago and if the show didn’t suck so badly would never have gained any fame.  See the show is so horrific that a comedian need only one good bit to be a ‘star’.  I kid you not if Armisen was in the ‘good ol days of SNL’ he’d have ended up a bit player for half a season.

But he got his big break and now we are forced to watch him simply because there is nothing better.  This aged fictional punk rocker Ian Rubbish is really just his Mick Jagger act with a spikey hair do.  His flappy jowls do nothing but annoy.  That smirk is enough tomake me wretch and is so over used I think it’s his at rest face.

So look what I stumble across.. Armisen/Rubbish faux interview with “The Clash”.  Please note in 1983 Mick Jones was unceremoniously tossed out of the band and not until Joe’s death did he suddenly become a member again.  Paul.. he’s Paul.

Mick looking like an 80 year old pedo in his high waisted pant and beaming globe appears uncomfortable and awkward.  Time has not been kind to Mr Jones but then again -karma for the pretty boy.  Don’t get me wrong I do like Mick having met him when he was actually in The Clash I can assure you he is/was attentive and very much enamored with himself.

Paul’s discomfort is painful.  His downward look and slight head nod sends a ‘wtf am I doing here’ message that is sheer perfection.

As Armisen babbles about influence and mockery the band sorta second fiddles it all- it’s embarrassing to watch.  It’s not cool at all. I rarely watch videos that make me squirm in sadness.  The bit about The Clash album without a hole in it?  C’mon, no.

“Hey Policeman”, the jam at the end is horrid not because it’s not musically valid but BECAUSE ITS NOT FUNNY.  Also, Fred.. the at open mouthed ‘eh’ look.  Let that go.

WWSD?  What would Strummer Do?  That’s easy.. he’d give a courtesy laugh and get on with it.  Sorry Joe but I think there are lot’s more injustices on the horizon.

Appropriately on the ‘Funny or Die” website, I shall opt for the latter.  I’d rather die than watch this again.
Watch it here.

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