Frank Ocean's New Song "Memrise" Reviewed (Stream Here)

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Ocean's 2

Ocean’s 2

My feeling about Frank Ocean has been all over the place since I first became a fan on his Goblin track, I didn’t love Channel Orange the way so many other people did, but I don’t hate it either and after catching him at T5 I loved it more.

But that was a long time ago in pop terms and since then we’ve heard that Frank  has been stymied by ongoing homophobia that has caused the hip hop community not to use one of the great sound guys in modern pop, and after claiming he was gonna quit the biz, Ocean changed his mind and offered up this new piece of music, a somewhat awesome piece of wobbly bass stuff  along with a spoken word piece:

“I memorized the wayward expressions
Never looked down, never let you see me down
I memorized the way though, directions
Can I come over now, I’d like to stay a little while
I memorized your body, expose
I could fuck you all night long from a memory alone
I’ll never forget your face, don’t go
You’re not dipped in gold, dipped in gold
You can’t be dipped in gold
You are not on paper, you are not a copy
You’re so, you’re so, so thick, so thick”

Sexy stuff, and the song has the soft feel of a dabbling rising desire. It is ahorney song and the rap (?) is very dipped in desire. Hot stuff. Consider this fair warning, the new Ocean should be awesome.

Grade: B+


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