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Foster The People "Coming Of Age" Reviewed

Coming of Age

Coming of Age

Foster The People have kind of been a nonentity to me ever since I got over the thrill of their first album and moved on to different genres.  Don’t get me wrong, “Torches” was a great album, that got tons of awards and had the tune that had the band hit it big, “Pumped Up Kicks”.  However, the excitement died down a bit and I’m not as stoked about them as I was.  That was, until, I saw their performance of their latest single, “Coming Of Age”, on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show.  It’s off of their newest album, “Supermodel” and oh my goodness is it great.

First off, the boys look incredibly dapper and the band just looks really good as a whole.  Even the backup musicians were looking spiffy and it was really adorable to see.  Mark Foster, the frontman, has fantastic little dance moves and they become more prominent as the song goes on and he gets more comfortable, which was really cute because he did seem a little nervous but you can see him obviously loosen up.  After I took note of that, I then realized just how great his singing voice is.  He must have perfect pitch because it’s so stunning, the way he hits every note.  It’s crazy to think that they didn’t lip-sync because it’s almost *too* perfect.  When he belts, he’s is spot-on and doesn’t even hesitate at all.  That was what I was most impressed with.  I never really noticed or appreciated his voice until I saw this live video; the man has some serious talent and by the fourth or fifth time I watched it, it really hit me, how much the band has really grown up.  They’ve definitely moved on from their techno-y pop sound and matured, and it’s all for the better.  I didn’t really expect to care at all about their new album, but if we’re being honest, I’m downloading it right now.
Don’t write these guys off.  They’ve finally come of age.

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