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Chris Martin: The Next the Voice You Hear…

Chris Martin joins the Voice

Chris Martin joins the Voice

There aren’t enough posts in the world to sneer at priggish, fake, public school, bed wetting  Coldplay leading, smarmy, rude, arrogant, plagiarizing Chris martin so I am happy to add another zinger to the rock nyc collection.

Chris Martin has been hired as a mentor on the NBC singing competition “The Voice” and while I might shrug at the likes of  an Adam Levine here or a Blake Shelton there sitting in chairs and trying not to sneer, isn’t Chris Martin meant to be the new Bono or something?

I mean you can only feign sincerity for so long when you are telling some overlunged nobody they need to change it up with a Kacey Musgraves cover. At what point are you fooling none of the people none of the time about this?

I think here, and the “Magic” single, those two are the signs of a celebrity con job that just isn’t sticking any more. Chris can’t get out of the shadow of his own ego, the whacked out film star wife, the paparazzi beat down and the iffy stage show starring bad songs and burnt toast performances.

It is stardom 21century style and not only is there no integrity but none is expected and not only is none expected none would be recognized and Chris martin is now the poster boy for the all adage that you can’t be cynical enough.

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