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Arcade Fire Is Toxic

OK gather round you latte snarfing hipsters.

  Yup gather up your flip flops and your clove cigarettes, horn rims and messenger bags have a seat here on the floor  and let me tell you a story about one of your super heroes.
Good Ol' Arcade Fire. 
 Regine Chassagne , an Arcader, is of Haitian ancestry!
And you all know how shes thrown her support to her mother land
(OOOO aaahhhh underprivileged points!!)
The band et all visited the country to performer and Will 'half a hawk' Butler started a BLOG
( OOOOOO ahhhh blogger  AHHHHH Hippppp')
the band chose to play an acoustic gig outside a CLINIC!
( OOOOO AHHH Public health OOOOahhhhh)
Now sit back and read the harrowing tale of your musical Gods….

 "Jeremy [Gara, drummer] had a snare drum, but we had forgone packing a tom because we thought we'd just use a bucket whenever we played acoustically. You know, street corner styles,"
"But we'd kind of forgotten about it until right before we were gonna play. So there was a bit of a scramble — "Does anyone have a bucket we can borrow?' Which, weirdly, nobody in earshot did.
"I spotted two red plastic wastebaskets just inside the clinic gates. One was mostly empty, so I dumped it into the other one and brought it over. I thumped it experimentally. Sounded fine. I handed it to Jeremy. He thumped it. Sounded fine.
"Louise [Ivers, a doctor] looked over. 'I wouldn't, um, I wouldn't use that I don't think,' she said. Jeremy looked at the bucket. It was very clearly labelled BIOHAZARD MEDICAL WASTE.
"'Oh goddamn it,' he said.
"'I guess I'll put that back,' I said, and, a little hesitantly, took it from him."

The Gods of Punk Rock are laughing there asses off
Now if only they were thirsty.. oooo AAAHHHH ample drinking water……

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