10 Songs: Thursday, June 12th, 2014

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1. Rollercoaster – Bleachers – This indie pop track from the fun. Composer is so good I am kicking myself for not getting to Governors Ball early and checking him out; it doesn’t go up and down precisely, it kinda builds to the chorus which is anthemic in a not un-fun. Way and subsides, so more like waves. Still damn good – A-

2. Destiny’s Child – Tomas Barfod – Too busy for ambient, not busy enough for electronica – B-

3. Get It, Got It – Kindred The Family Soul – This is so out of time, so early 1980s, it isn’t entirely
unpleasant but there is no song here – C+

4. Count me In – Rebelution – This isn’t unpleasant either, sorta lovers rock medium cool – B-

5. U R The 1 – Jose James – The drums keep a firm beat as the song jazzily meanders – C+

6. Cut The Cable – Umphrey’s McGee – If I never have to write the name Umphrey again it will be too
soon – D+

7. Twenty Six And Gone – Blacklist Royals – Morbid stuff – C+

8. My Sister’s Tiny Hands – Andrew Bird – My sister’s tiny middle fingers – C-

9. Two Hands Up – O.A.R. – Boring bands best song – B

10. Hangover – PSY – Say buhbye – D

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