10 Songs: Monday, July 21st, 2014

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Howling Shakira

Howling Shakira

1. She Wolf – Shakira – Around about here, Shakira seemed seeped in the possibility of being a major pop artists as well as a pop star,  but it all became too much and she imploded. This song is a pop art stroke she couldn’t ever follow up – A

2. Killer queen – Queen – Sounds like English Dance Hall meets rock and pop overdone – A

3. Lucky I Get what I want – Jungle – This is disco not funk, hence the”don’t you forget about me”  – A-

4. She’s Gone – Ted Nugent – Blues riffarama teaches the youngsters how it’s done – B

5. Diamonds – Big Wreck – This is yet another sharp song from these hard rocking pros – A

6. Mozart’s House – Clean Bandit – This is the blueprint for everything they do, and it works in ways EDM really doesn’t – A-

7. She’s A Waitress (And I’m In Love) – 5 Chinese Brothers – A classicist slice of apple pie and ice cream and a hot coffee refill – B+

8.If You’re Gonna Raise A Drunk – James Grace Band – Nice tempo, great break, funny lyric, good song – A-

9. Drink On It – Blake Shelton – A real fun seductin song – B+

10. Rollercoaster – Bleachers – Chorus of the year – A

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