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10 Songs: Monday, August 11th, 2014



1. Right As Rain – Adele – Who was it who called Adelle a psychotic moldy old cow? well, yes, I admit it but I was discussing 21 not 19, and I even liked “Someone Like You” and I really love this gorgeously sung MOR soul song, from 19, which I didn’t hate  – A

2. At The Bottom – Brand New – Emo as fuck beauty, the tone on those guitars during the bridge is lovely – B+

3. The World At Large – Modest Mouse – This is pretty emo as well, it also just plain pretty – A

4. Sic Transit Gloria… Glory fades – Brand New – This is exactly why these guys can fill a stadium: it sounds like an emo suite plus a great bass hook and multive voices which turns left into grunge – A

5.The Good Times Are Killing Me – Modest Mouse – Sound like Tom Waits goes indie rock and moves to Brooklyn – A-

6. Forever – Drake, Eminem, Lil Wayne – Eminem has been playing this on tour, and I am still on the fence about the August 19th gig – B+

7. New York Kiss – Spoon – Sweet goodbye to the album – B+

8. Fuck By Fuck – Wreckless Eric – Lo fi blues sex song, I really love the album this is on  – A

9. Summer Of ’79 – Spider bags – The last of the five great songs on their new album is terrific garage rock and roll which if you kicked it would be classic rock – A

10. Let Her Go – Passenger – So sorry to miss the Ed Sheeran contemporary at Summerstage – B+

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