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WOODSTOCK CD 6: “The Sea Of Madness…”

Suite: Judy Blue Eyes – Crosby Stills & Nash – It’s a shame Steve Stills is such an arrogant dick because some of the stuff he wrote with Buffalo Springfield and later with this band is pretty fucking awesome. This song is a real suite: it changes, the melody evolves with the song and the voices harmonizes gloriously. And this is a good version. I have a boot from their 2000 tour and I caught em at MSG and between the two I can tell you that despite their being some thirty years older in 2000 they were much better but not on this songs, in jangles with nerves and a lost love passion and it is long but worth it -by the time they get to the sixth minute the song has completely changed on you -the “Friday evening, Thursday in the afternoon , have you got ti lose…” stuff is like a bridge but it isn’t because it’s going to an instrumental bridge and back to what is I guess a verse not like the initial verse and then another bridge (or is it a chorus) before the ‘dododododoooos” to bring it home. Terrific. Score: 9/10.

Guinnevere – Crosby, Stills & Nash – When I see em live this is my go buy a beer and a dog song. Score: 5/10

Marrakesh Express – Crosby, Stills & Nash – Ah, yes, Graham nash was still fresh outta the Hollies at the time, and though he had succumbed pretty fast to mellow LA life, his pop sensibility hadn’t gone up in smoke yet. After all, this is the cat behind “Jennifer Eccle,” “On A Carousel” and “Carrie Ann” as well as making his pounds sterling on a band with a helluva lot of harmonies. “Marrakesh Express” is a breath of fresh air after days of endless jam bands: Woodsux was liking getting stuck at a 3 day Phish reunion with no pot or beer or reunion. Score: 8/10

4 + 20 – Crosby, Stills & Nash – At least he isn’t singing about his lady. Score: 5/10

Sea Of Madness – Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – This is what Young always brings to this band -a jolt of electricy!! And that ugly whinge of him goes so against the grain of CSN’s prettiness. “…all I want is your heart, every time I think of you mine falls apart”.
Score: 9/10
Wooden Ships – What is it with Crosby? He wasn’t drug addled yet, right? But his mysic just bores me to death. Score: 4/10.
No Amount Of Loving – Butterfield Blues Band – My friend Frank -hiding out somewhere in the wilds of new haven last thing I heard, turned me onto this Blues-Jazz ensemble a coupla years ago. This lets loose in a way Woodscream hadn’t heard since Canned Heat. Score: 7/10

Love March – Butterfield Blues Band – Those horn players were really good and this was the most bizarre song of the entire festival going from strict March time to R&By blues. Score: 6/10

Everything’s Gonna be Alright – Butterfield Blues Band – Who is the harminoca player? He’s hot shit. Score: 6/10
Get A Job – Sha Na Na – IT”S SMOKEY!!!! Because of the movie I always thought these rock and roll revivalists opened the festival or something. It’s weird to hear em so late. Score: 7/10.

At The Hop – Sha Na Na – Where were you in 69? I never thought that much of Sha Na Na but I never disliked them, Bowzer and go were good natured 50s kids (wow -59 was only TEN YEARS earlier, that’s like 99 from here). They are a sweet relief and should have played a day earlier. Score: 7/10
Get A Job (Reprise) – Sha Na Na – Nifty guitar solo. Score: 7/10
The Star Bangled Banner/Purple Haze/Woodstock Improvisation – Jimi Hendrix – Nifty guitar solo…. Nah, I’ve got more to say!! I’ve heard loads of Henrix boots and live albums and usually he is on his game and he is here. “The Star Spangled Banner” improv is the true definition of a generation. One reason why the Nixon Whitehouse had so much trouble demononizing the hippies was because theyw ere so obviously our sons and daughters: I mean stick em in the shower, cut their hair, take away the ganj and given em an extra dry martini and THEY WERE US. In reclaiming the National Anthem, Hendrix was staking his right to his country and it is the one true signpost of a new generation at Woodstock. All too often when Henrix covered other musicians material it was his “Sgt Pepper’s” and not his “Watchtower”. Not this morning as he plays the Woodstock nation back to civilization, the SSB is all strangled notes vibrating along his long fingertips. It segues into his biggest hit “Purple Haze” and finally into an extended improv to end the concert. At fourteen minutes and forty seconds it isn’t nearly enough. Score: 10/10
13 songs, 8 winners. $1.13 per song. Value: $9.04. 69%

I will write an overview pretty soon.

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