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We Are The World at the Silver Lake Jubilee, Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

We Are The World is Lady Gaga’s favorite, at least this is what she tweeted. No, not the old song performed by Michael Jackson and all these rock stars who wanted to save Africa, We Are The World, the LA band who was closing the night at the Silver Lake Jubilee on Sunday night. I had heard about the visual beauty of their shows but did not know what to expect, and the suspense was growing as they were setting up their equipment and had apparently some technical problems,… I don’t know what was the matter but it took forever.

The four of them, 2 guys and 2 girls, were wearing black and some sparkling blue make-up, and observing the stage, it looked like I had to expect a lot of electronic beats and other industrial sound. But nothing prepared me  for this exhausting dance numbers, full of aggressive moves and dark vibes.

The creepiness of their techno-pop tunes, combined with a heavy smoke machine and this violent choreography, was building a strange paranoiac atmosphere beaten to death by stomping electronic beats. The ambiance was chilly and hard, as thick as the smoke the machine was producing, and it became very obvious that, what they wanted to accomplish had more to do with the visuals than the sound.

They were not talking to the public, playing their masters-of-darkness roles very seriously, and Megan Gold was singing her lyrics with ferocity and hostility.
It’s funny because I noted ‘fight dance’ when I watched the show to describe one of their numbers featuring a terrific and energetic dance between Ryan Heffington and the two women, Nina McNeely and Megan Gold, and it turns out they have a song entitled ‘Fight song’. They were definitively assaulting each other during these songs, doing some weird acrobatics, or some raw theatrical moves, and the crowd loved it.

At the end of one songs, a guy put a bag over Megan’s head as if he was kidnapping her, but she continued to sing nevertheless, and exited the stage when she was done singing, followed a little later by the rest of the band. They were supposed to do an encore but when they came back on stage the sound had been cut off, curfew oblige…. A Jubilee staff announced they would be fined for $10,000 if they would not respect the curfew, the crowd was disappointed, and Ryan Heffington (or was that Robbie Wiliamson?) got mad, smashing something on the stage floor. What did you expect? There is a cold violence in their show and they had to play it till the end.

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