The Way You Make Me Feel: Michael Jackson and Underage Boys

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The year is coming to an end and it is time to turn back to the subject of Michael Jackson. Yes, subject. MJ is no longer a man with a life, he is a College Course in modern R&B, in modern dance and in modern insanity. Like Presley before him, he is growing into his legend and like Presley before him he is too small and too large to fit the legend we are building for him.

All these months later I thought all we’d be left with is the music but it isn’t true. Among other things we have is a discussion about pederasts.I once discussed paedophilia with George Clinton of Parliament/Funkadelia (can’t remember how we got on the subject) but this is what Clinton said: “What should the person do with those feelings. If they have them, what can they do about it. It’s something deep, something that can’t be discussed. So what do we do?”

Clinton had no answer but thirty years on it is as complex a subject as ever and under rug swept doesn’t deal with it. Doesn’t deal with MJ. Given the option, do we think MJ wouldn’t have PREFERED to have loved Brooke Shields rather than Jordan Chandler? MJ’s sexual desires all but destroyed them and those desires had to remain so hidden from sight it took tens of millions and his sanity (and, finally, his life) to keep them hidden.

If MJ is the face of child molestation, who does it help to hide from it? It is too easy to say, hey, the man who wants your eleven year old son is the hypocritical sex segregated sixty year old priest. It is easy to say the man who raped and killed your child is the creepy next door neighbour who is always moving stuff out of the basement. But what happens when the man in the mirror is the hero of millions and millions of people. When that occurs, do we deal with MJ’s legacy as putting a human face, a famous face, the most famous face on the worst forms of sexual perversion.

I recently read excerpts from the FBI’s file on MJ. We’re not playing guessing games here. And we are neither saving nor making MJ’s heritage by ignoring what he was. Whether we like it or not “The Way You Make Me Feel” is a soul pop masterpiece and MJ was a sexual pervert. Is it worth our while to try and figure out why? Is there no why? Is it just a chemical imbalance. Is it a strange effect of him being both beaten and overworked by his father. If homosexuality is a result of weak y chromosomes, enviroment, chemicals in the brain and experience, is this also true of child molestation?

And if it is true of child molesters at what point are child molesters worthy of our pity?

I go back to Clinton’s questions: if it’s something deep, what do you do?

Try and bite on this. If you have no desire to have sex with children, how does not touching children make you good or evil? On just a moral, a Christian, level: if you don’t desire something how does not doing it become a matter of decency? The only way for not touching children to have a moral level is IF YOU WANT TO TOUCH CHILDREN AND YOU DON’T. Is there anything more decent than somebody who denies their sexual drives (the strongest drive of all) for the greater good of society? There is zero morality in good acts (or at least, not bad acts) if you don’t want to perform bad acts.

So these monsters amongst may well be more purely decent humans than we are.

But we don’t know.

Because we won’t deal with it.

Let’s say MJ performed mutual masturbation and fellatio with twelve, thirteen year old boys. Now he’s jumped past decency, now he is one of them. So he’s one of them. Let’s condemn him for his lack of will power and let’s use him to illiminate child molestation; let’s use him to help those poor people who desire children but would never act on it. What happened to MJ? What’s the truth? Where’s the science to study this mind who, after teaching the world to moon walk, and making some of the greatest music ever, might also teach the world a different type of lessons.

Shine a light on the man.

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