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Warpaint Capitulates Before Starting A War With Beyoncé And Rihanna



Why do people say something and apologize afterward? If you say something and mean it, don’t apologize, and if you say something and didn’t mean it, well why saying it in the first place? It’s simple! Of course showbiz is more complicated than this and who wants to start a war? Well, certainly not Warpaint! Theresa Wayman of the indie band Warpaint dared to criticize the queen B during an interview with Q Magazine, saying: ‘It just gets worse. Every song on Beyonce’s last album has her basically looking like a slut and she does not need to do that. She’s gorgeous and so fucking talented. And they all take it as women’s liberation!’ And there was nothing wrong with that! She was expressing her rightful opinion, and telling as it is. She also was ‘slamming’ one of the other sluts (and this is me talking there) of the pop world, the always alluring Rihanna: ‘She [Rihanna] has an insane voice, she could’ve done something so much more stuble [sic] and artful’, she told Q. they meant subtle, right? Again what’s wrong with that? Beyonce is a slut and Rihanna isn’t very subtle, she speaks the truth! Naturally, the preview of the Q article had only printed the juicy parts, all journalists do that, and Wayman has now published a long apologizing post on Warpaint’s Facebook …. Of course she did not mean it and the journalist screw her, she explained with sentences like ‘We LOVE and ADORE Beyonce and Rihanna, genuinely, and that’s what makes this all the more difficult’, ‘Beyonce and Rihanna are the last two women on earth who I would ever want to disrespect or disregard’… and she went to great length to explain the context of the interview, ‘There’s not a shred of self-importance in these words. I’m not trying to cover my tracks but this is really upsetting to me. I apologize for being careless with my words. I apologize to fans of Beyonce and Rihanna, I fucking love them too. Me and my big mouth.’ But the real reason is this: ‘We’re not trying to start a war, no fucking way. We would be crushed like little lady flies.’ Yeah who dares to fight Beyonce anyway, her devoted Bey-hive would kill you in a minute! So Warpaint is retracting for two reasons, the fear of the Bey-hive and the fact that Theresa picked on two black women, so some people are making a race issue of all this! Next time, Warpaint should slam Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry only, okay?

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