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Viva Los Reggaetoneros!

Mexico is where it’s at.  Rock and Roll may be purified and homogenized in the states but our Latin neighbors are still causing a ruckus and for good reason.  If you recall the ‘emo’ kids were getting their asses kicked and killed a few years ago, that seems to have evolved into the Reggaeton movement.

No longer pouty and despondent we have a new breed who spike up their hair and get their growl on for a Caribbean fusion of hip hop and Latin timbres..interesting.  This movement began in the early 2000 in Puerto Rico, but Mexico made it beast.

Reggaetoneros earned their salt when the authorities cancelled a Zona Rose concert and they let all hell break loose, don’t mess with a show- simple as that.  Cars were flipped and the revelers actually overtook a shopping mall. Lets pause to enjoy that shall we.  Imagine a band of wild youth taking occupancy of a mall. That’s brilliant and American kids take note and grow a pair.  Then again when a show is cancelled here kids go home and bitch about it on Twitter or Facebook while munching on some some pizza rolls.


There is a new stereotype for the reggaetoneros "The word reggaetonero has come to mean an angry youth, a drug-addict, or a delinquent, when neither the liking of that music or involvement in that scene necessarily has anything to do with the labels being assigned to them," said Luis Gonzalez, head of Mexico City's Commission on Human Rights.


Cuz all sub culture music fans have to be drug addict delinquents.  I love that the stereotype lives on!  "They are expressing themselves and expressing their rejection of a city that rejects them," said Gonzalo Camacho, an ethno-musicologist at Mexico City's UNAM University.

Oh and wait their dancing style is also a degenerate action- signature dance move "perreo," involves suggestive grinding with a member of the opposite sex.  As if with the same sex would  make it acceptable?  Mexico is an interesting place.

"The music is really cool," said Brian Vega, accompanied by his friend, Antony Ortega. The two 17-year-olds, wearing identical outfits of slinky red trousers, black t-shirts and suspenders, caught the eyes of girls as they waited to get in. "But I think perreo is the most important thing."


So let’s get this straight.  We have teenagers who like to grind against people of the opposite sex while listening to music and wearing street styled clothing.  I say we jail them all.

Reggaeton is where it’s at.    American teenagers, what do you have?

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