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Taylor Swift Borrowed $13,000 Worth Of Clothes From A Sex Shop To Make ‘Bad Blood’


Taylor in latex

I know that Iman already talked about this video, I know that it has already broken a few records for achieving 20.1 million views in 24 hours, but this is not what I am after. This Mission Impossible/Charlie Angels/Mad Max super production is really stupid beyond belief, it’s all trailer with no substance, or may be it reflects the culture we are bathing in? Probably, but there is another twisted part of the story: According to Page Six, Taylor Swift borrowed all the latex outfits, she and her friends are wearing in the clip, from a Los Angeles erotic boutique. Shawn Gentry, director of operations for The Stockroom, said that the shop will make a ‘full run’ of the outfits worn by Swift and her friends. The $235 flesh-colored latex dress worn by Taylor in the first scene is described by the store as ‘the perfect symbiosis of fetishwear and classic lingerie.’ The girl is certainly breaking her image and has sexed up to the max! Altogether, she borrowed $13,000 worth of clothes for the video and (and this is the juicy part) kept $5,000 worth of the clothing… Calvin Harris has to be the lucky guy! and since Gentry is vocal about it, it is not bad publicity for the sex clothes industry.

What happened to the playful and rascal Taylor dismissing boyfriends with teddy bears and other cuteness? Now, she needs an arsenal of futurist weapons and an entire sex shop to do the same? I am not a prude and I couldn’t care less if she makes the move toward porn in her next clip, but she has an audience of 14-year-old girls! What kind of message do these skinny long-legs bitches, squeezed in latex and breaking the neck of every guy they meet, send to teen girls?

First of all that you have to be ultra skinny, ‘Although the revealing frock is usually custom-made, Swift wore it off-the-rack, Gentry says. He estimated it to be a size extra small.’ Of course, she is skinny and undernourished, But did you notice Lena Dunham in the video? She is not really part of the latex female squad and she stays behind the desk! Is there a reason for that? You bet!

Then, you have to be fierce and tough, not afraid to be girls fighting against you know… disposable guys? I know, it is a sci-fi-fantasy-world kind of video, a trailer for the women Avengers, but it has no humor whatsoever, and we have no choice but to take it seriously, with all that weaponry, latex and bondage, Taylor is just a skinnier Kim Kardashian now, and that’s very sad,… bring back the kittens!

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