Warped Tour 2014

How To Get Kicked of Warped Tour (For A Day)

By Helen Bach | July 22, 2014

Word is out that Volumes, a band you’ve never heard of, were booted off the MI date by Kevin Lyman himself. The reasons are vague but it seems that the kids had a wild time at a Walmart. This includes trashing the store and reportedly pissing on it as well, there was also some speak of coke snorting but hey man.. whatevs.

Warped Tour Posts Signs Banning Crowd Surfing, Moshing

By Helen Bach | June 29, 2014

It’s just another example of a few bad apples ruining things for everyone else. I’ve never seen any forms of real dangerous violence at Warped Tour, and I have watched some of the heaviest band throughout the years that I’ve gone. Sure, anyone in the pit is gonna get a bit beat up, but that’s what they’re there for

Warped Tour Stage Assignments!

By Helen Bach | May 7, 2014

Nothing was worse than having the band up first! You then had to figure out where that stage was located and actually get there withing 10 min. Now months ahead of the tour we at least have a jump on things. The holy graile… the stage assignments.