Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley And The Overnight Success

By Helen Bach | May 12, 2014

You have had your fill of Gene Simmons (or so it seems) so the Starman is up to bat to make sure that KISS never fades away and is perpetually in the media

Paul Stanley of KISS, Sassy Beast

By Helen Bach | March 17, 2014

With so much baggage a bunch of old dudes can not (and should not!) pull it together for a last hurrah. I admire them for this. There is nothing more horrible than old men pretending to be what they were decades earlier.

Rejoice! Paul Stanley Calls Out The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

By Helen Bach | February 18, 2014

I have to admire him for being so outspoken and acknowledging the validation this will give the fans. That is an angle I had not thought of before. “doing it for the fans” always seems such a lame comment until now. I get it.