Johnny Thunders

The 1,001 Greatest Songs of the 20th Century – 100 to 91

By Steve Crawford | June 20, 2021

Johnny Thunders died at the age of 38, Jerry Nolan died at the age of 45, Dee Dee Ramone died at the age of 50

Sneak Peaks: Upcoming Album Releases 4-5-19 – 4-11-19

By Iman Lababedi | April 3, 2019

apparently, you can put your arms around a memory…

Home And Heroin Chic

By Elle Smith | September 26, 2018

heroin is the drug of choice for blown-out communities across the country

Some Thoughts On Danny Garcia's "Looking For Johnny"

By Iman Lababedi | October 20, 2014

“Looking For Johnny” was everything it could possibly be, it respected the story as best it could where no one else seems to bother, an excellent memory of a great guitarist,a legendary musician, a towering New Yorker and an influence for every other rock band playing the 7pm set at Arlene’s grocery.

“Looking for Johnny”, Johnny Thunders Documentary, Reviewed

By Steve Crawford | May 25, 2014

Like most documentaries, this is a labor of love and director Garcia does a fine job at highlighting the key events in Thunders’ life. However, the limited ability he had for licensing is a shortcoming of the film – most of the music used in the film is clamorous stage footage that doesn’t adequately display Thunders’ skill as a songwriter

Johnny Thunders Died With $4,000 To His Name

By Iman Lababedi | December 10, 2013

There are many more financially successful musicians than Johnny Thunders but there aren’t many more important musicians than Johnny Thunder. To die broke and to leave his sons to a life as career criminals, that’s some price for immortality

Hear Ye: what rock nyc is listening to 12-10-13

By Iman Lababedi | December 10, 2013

Oh, she’s nine years old, that why Rod Stewart upped her to nineteen, though it does beg the question why did Berry make her a child instead of a teenager. The answer would probably be target demo but that makes no sense either! Maybe it is more like a significant portion of the audience but we don’t remember it that way – A+