Ian Anderson

Rescheduled Concerts? We May Be Waiting For Longer Than We Think

By Alyson Camus | April 2, 2020

‘I really want to tell them to reschedule for March or April in 2021’

Oldies But Goldies: Helen Bach On Grampy Ian In 2009

By Helen Bach | January 28, 2016

I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay forever in this envelope of warmth.

Oldies But Goldies: Ian Anderson In Hartford In 2009

By Helen Bach | December 16, 2015

Remember when Helen Bach used to co-edit rock nyc? Years ago now, but we are still close. Here is an early live review from 2009

Jethro Tull A Rock Opera, Foxwoods Casino Mashantucket, CT

By Helen Bach | November 9, 2015

Suppose its a case of when one door closes another opens cuz for all his missing lyrics- he kicks your ass on flute and every other instrument he touches.

Ian Anderson and "Progressive Rock" Defined

By Helen Bach | August 6, 2014

Prog Rock progressive rock whatever you may call it- could never come back. These ‘epic’ albums just don’t fit in with our ADD gimme now world. Then again I cant help but think Jethro Tull wouldn’t make it in today’s world and that’s just sad to consider.

Ian Anderson Speaks, But Not To Us

By Helen Bach | July 4, 2014

If you’re going to do stuff that is sometimes quite heavy and has serious imagery attached to it and conceptually is a bit out of the comfort zone for a lot of people, whether it’s in Latin or in English … you have to make it entertaining.

UK Top 10 Albums 4-26-14

By Iman Lababedi | April 21, 2014

Paolo Nutini is the male Amy Winehouse without the US breakthrough, though this excellent retro soul album should do the trick for him. Not sure when it is released Stateside but it is a goodie.

Ian Anderson, "Enter The Uninvited" Track Review

By Helen Bach | April 8, 2014

That being said if you’re a mullet sporting guy who still has Frampton on your iPod and is attempting to restore your old Chevelle- you’re gonna love it. If you’re a nostalgia fiend, such as I- same.

Ian Anderson and His Imaginary Boy Collaborate On "Homo Erraticus"

By Helen Bach | February 5, 2014

We all need a muse and even if it’s your own imagination it can be quite effective. So here comes word that the man and his mind-muse are back at it with a new release.