Billy Zoom

Billy Zoom of X Speaks Out on his GoFundMe Campaign

By Helen Bach | July 11, 2015

But I figure it this way. How many gigs of Billy and his band X did I sneak into? I robbed the guy easily ten bucks each time back in the day- so me, I’m in. I owe him for the absolute joy he and X gave me.

More Billy Zoom Funding Info

By Iman Lababedi | July 10, 2015

Billy is 67 years old so, as Mike Holcomb noted, he probably has Medicare. Also, he is a staunch conservative and would probably not sign up for Obamacare any way. Though it doesn’t really handle the main question here, why does he need any help whatsoever. Helen thinks he might be aware of it. Perhaps.

Love And Prays To Billy Zoom: Needs Funding To Pay For Cancer Treatment

By Iman Lababedi | July 9, 2015

This just completely boggles my mind that at a time when Billy’s own concern should be getting better, he is worried about paying his bills. What the hell was Obamacare about? I pay like 30% more on my health insurance since Obamacare, I thought that was to help Billy Zoom and other unfortunates,