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Stream ‘II’, Metz’s New Album


Metz’s II

Metz the noise-hardcore-grunge-y trio from Toronto is about to release another album, simply entitled ‘II’, and it is streaming and screaming right now at my house… you can listen to the album on NPR and I am afraid my neighbors are gonna knock on my door in the following minutes, as this beast is so loud that I am sure everyone can hear it miles around.

It is a wild and abrasive thing, earth-shaking, wall-crumbling, playing with dissonance and twisting around distortion. The first track, ‘Acetate’, sounds like Nirvana meets the Pixies in a hairy bath of testosterone. There is so much rage and passion, such fuzz and buzz that ‘Swimmer’ explodes at your face like a Nepal bomb and ‘Spit You Out’ does exactly this… with disdain and fury. And throughout the album there’s so much static and energy you may want to get out to run a 10K or repaint the entire house.

After a while you may think, enough of this screaming and ravaging sound, my eardrums are about to burst and then there is the aneurysm-trigger ‘Nervous system’ that can empty your neurotransmitter vesicles in a few seconds and should I add anything to describe ‘Eyes Peeled’? Self-explanatory right? While the last track of the album, ‘Kicking a Can of Worms’ is raising an apocalyptic monster.

The sound is raw and furious from start to finish, and it doesn’t give you a second to breathe and recover,… it is truly an exhausting album, but in a good way, attacking all your senses and punching you right in the stomach or is it on the forehead? There’s a sort of discomfort listening to this, which curiously leads to euphoria, a very strange and disturbing connection between emotion, despair, abrasion, pain and pleasure.

Metz, which consists of singer-guitarist Alex Edkins, bassist Chris Slorach and drummer Hayden Menzies, released their self-titled and debut album in 2012, so they certainly took their time to release this new one.

According to Consequence of Sound, ‘Edkins said the album was inspired by a year experiencing loss and ‘contemplating our relationships with death and the planet.’ He added, ‘I consider myself a pretty massive pessimist, but a pessimist who knows how lucky he is. A lot of things in everyday life drive me crazy: how we relate to each other; how politics, media, technology, money and medication influence our lives. This band, in a lot of ways, is an outlet.’

Listen to the new songs on NPR before it is out on Sub Pop on May 5th.

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