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Sting, Ivy Levan & Mike Einziger Kill The Beatles

Lennon and Harrison are the lucky ones


















I will start this off by saying Mike Einziger (of Incubus) is an innocent.  He literally was so inconspicuous that I will omit let him be.

Sting and Drop Dead Gorgeous (the movie not the sentiment, shes a horse faced fake) Ivy Levan join together to kill the Beatles classic “Drive My Car”.  David Letterman spent this week having acts perform Beatles tunes in honor of their US landing anniversary.  Unfortunately this is not a tribute it is a horrible nightmare that even the mute button couldn’t cure.  The torture of Levans mock soul vocal is permanently burned in my brain- I will never be the same.

The image of the squat faked tanned Sting and her Sunday babka hair is enough to make me want to rip my eyeballs out and run over them with a forklift.  Why is this allowed?  How did tributes get so bad?

50 years ago the fab four landed in NY and played the Ed Sullivan theater.  That venue is now home to Letterman and his Late Night show- and now, it’s come full circle.  The Beatles died on that stage thanks to this awful pairing.

Lets put it this way, there are not enough superlatives to convey how bad this is.  I primarily blame Ivy who stands there like a honky Grace Jones while she emits one of the worse white girl bellows I have endured since watching American Idol try outs.  This whole ‘actress’ (term used lightly) turned ‘singer’ (used even lighter) is a horrible trend in itself but to have her as tribute is almost backhanded.

They suck.  And it was such a cool idea to have modern day performers do Beatle tunes this week- was the budget light? One of the Youtube comments raves “Ivy Killed It!” No she didn’t but she sure did make me want to die.

You’ve been warned.

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