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She Wants Revenge: Return for a cup of coffee


I used to spot Justin Warfield, the frontman of the band She Wants Revenge, at a local Coffee Bean and Tea leaf location (the Californian answer to Starbucks) a few years back,… I must have seen him there at least 4 or 5 times, so I presume he liked their coffee or tea, and I was hardly surprised when I saw this:

‘Meet She Wants Revenge!

Got a ticket to this Monday’s She Wants Revenge Valleyheart release show with Nico Vega?  Stop by Coffee Bean on May 23 & save your receipt cause you’re in for a treat!

Be one of the first 20 to get to the Roxy with your receipt and a ticket to the show and you get to meet the band!

The meet & greet is scheduled for 7:15pm so plan accordingly & we’ll see you on Monday!’

After a few years off, the band is back with a show at the Roxy on Monday 23rd to celebrate the release of their new album ‘Valleyheart’ the same day.
I was wondering what had happened to them, and when I saw they were part of Coachella schedule a few weeks ago, I got the answer to my question.

She Wants Revenge had a quite successful debut album in 2006, I remember their dark monochord tone that got them to be compared to bands like Interpol, yeah Interpol minus the sharp dress suits; sure Pitchfork had basically accused them of plagiarism, but wasn’t Interpol already doomed from the start because venturing too close to Joy Division? Whatever the critics said, their electronic beats rocketed them to number 3 in the US Electronic album charts for a while.

And there was that song, ‘Tear you apart’, with the F-word, that got censored on radio, becoming ‘I want to f…. tear you apart’,… some dangerous thing they had there, and a video directed by no less than Joaquin Phoenix.

I must admit I have never listened to their second album, which did not make it to the charts this time, may be people found it redundant and got tired of their doom-goth dance numbers? Even the two covers, a girl in underwear holding something (a knife/a rose) behind her back, were a sort of black and white twins.

Anyway, they are back as they have a new album and a show in LA; but let's listen to this disturbing song again:



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