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Rock NYC Contacts A Medium And Interviews Elliott Smith: “Jennifer Chiba Murdered Me Because I was Leaving Her&quot

Elliott Smith was sober and the years of addiction were lifting like a veil over his brain and what he saw  was a woman, Jennifer Chiba, who wanted him weak and vulnerable so she could manipulate him.
Rock NYC contacted medium Lisa.
After months of writing about Elliott’s death Alyson Camus and I were stuck. I had run out of ideas as to how to get this travesty to the public, how to get the story reawoken.
I am an agnostic, so communicating with the dead is a bit of a whatever for me. Alyson is a nonbeliever so she thinks it doesn’t help but it doesn’t harm. Helen thinks it is dangerous and foolish. But I had run out of ideas and if communicating with Elliott through the auspices of a medium is disrespectful to his memory, so be it.
Lisa performed the interview with Elliott (he now wishes to be referred to by his Christian name, Steve, but I will keep at Elliott so as not to confuse you readers) over a period of days and then over the phone and “on the house” – Lisa doesn’t know me and didn’t charge me either: no upsell either. She gained nothing.
Lisa first told me what Elliott had told her through the past couple of days then during a phone conversation gave Elliott  my questions and gave me Elliott’s answers.  I still  don’t know what happened the day of his death (and his story doesn’t make entire sense to me -I’ll tell you what sounds simply wrong when we get there) because I am still agnostic on the spiritual world. But Lisa is not a charlatan, it’s as simple as that.  So please keep this in mind.
According to Elliott there is a lot  to the story of the day of his death that didn’t come out. Elliott definitely did not kill himself and he is angry people think he did. If Elliott had killed himself he wouldn’t have stabbed himself -that is a stupid way to do it. He would have used pills and alcohol (there was  prescription medication in the house). “Ridiculous. You don’t stab yourself in the chest. Crazy.”
Jennifer and Elliott  had a big fight. Jennifer was the apex of a love triangle -she was seeing a man named Patty (a member of Smith’s band). Jennifer stabbed him in a moment of rage, not premeditated, because he was getting sober, knew of her affair, didn’t trust her, thought she was trying to get his money, and was  ready to leave her.
As Elliott got sobered up and the fog lifted, Jennifer first wanted him to marry her, which he refused, and then wanted him to sign contracts. Lisa couldn’t say what type of contracts, but she has an image of papers being shoved underElliott’s face and requests that he sign them. Maybe a will or a contract.  Elliott specifically says he is pleased she got no money from his estate.
That morning, October 21st, 2003, everything came to a head, Elliott told Jennifer he was leaving her  and Jennifer stabbed him twice in the chest in a rage.
Jennifer then called Patty (the other man) who came to the house where they concocted a story. Jennifer took a shower to rid herself of the blood. This is the part that makes zero sense to me. Since she admitted to the police she removed the knife from his chest, there is every reason why  Jennifer might have blood on her. Why would she have had to shower?
Anyway, only after she showered did she call the police. Who botched the CSI. If they had done a competent job it would’ve been plain what happened.
Elliott doesn’t believe the LAPD will ever crack the case and the only way it might is if Patty comes forward.  But the question of justice makes him shrug his shoulder. “Jennifer is swimming in hell” through guilt and she will one day answer to God. So while he is upset she got away with it, it is more important to Elliott people know he didn’t kill himself than that Jennifer pays though he is angry and upset Jennifer got away with murder. Elliott  repeats over and over that it wasn’t premeditated.
Elliott is very upset because his music was going in a new direction and being clean for the first time in years he felt his best was on the horizon.
Elliott claims his family and friends have not pursued the truth because they were afraid of what would come out and because they were in denial as to what had really happened.
As far as his friends are concerned, there was a lot of fighting, confrontation and drugs and those who lived through it with him want to forget about it. Elliott himself while aware of his importance to millions of people worldwide, felt very lonely.
Elliott claims to be disappointed with himself. Things he didn’t handle right. And he blames his step-father who, no, didn’t sexually molest him, but physically and emotionally abused Elliott in a sadistic manner and who wanted to break Elliott’s spirit and eventually broke Elliott’s spirit. This lead to Elliott’s deep depression but also was the fountain from where his creativity flow came.
Elliott is uset that he had finally managed to put this behind him and he was murdered before the world could share his new music.
Elliott wants to be remembered for his music and he would like those who can know it to know he did not kill himself. He didn’t feel cared about by many when alive so it does matter.
According to Lisa, Elliott is not a ghost but not yet moved on. He is in transition. He is still waiting and learning about the effects of his murder on his friends, family, loved ones. Seven years is a long time though murder victims tend to take longer in transition.
And that’s it.
I wrote awhile back about how some parts of the Smith murder have had the ring of truth and some haven’t. For the most part this sounds right. It might not be true but it makes emotional sense. If Lisa faked  contactin Elliott Smith  she must have given up her day job for research. Why would she bother? On the other hand even if it is true, to ask a blunt question, what is to stop a spirit from lying?
And yet… I dunno.
See you later, Steve.


  1. georgia on October 17, 2017 at 1:23 am

    I watched the ‘Heaven Adores You’ doc tonight and it reminded me so much of my friend, Howie Epstein (bass player for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers) There are so many parallels, too many to mention and not appropriate here, but…..*shudder*

    • Alyson on October 17, 2017 at 12:27 pm

      yes and no, Elliott was doing much better when he died, and he didn’t die from a drug overdose. But I don’t know enough about your friend.

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