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Pop Stars Who Found God

rock nyc seems to be on a mission from God to make fun at people's faith? I don't see what else you can do with people's faith but fun em. Certainly when it comes to the big man upstairs, the mathematics appears to be: "we've conquered this world, now how about the after life. I remember Alyson (but I can't find it) writing a smiliar post but this is about people who changed their minds… The more pious,  the higher the grade:

Bob Dylan – Meets the God of wrath! – B+

George Harrison – And got sued for plagiarism for his troubles – A

Justin Bieber – A bad week in Europe, but God will get it – C-

Alice Cooper – Born again forty years ago!: "I did not want to go to hell.” – A

Al Green – That's Reverend to you, bub – A

Dave Mustaine – Yet he is still a schmuck? Go figure… B

Donna Summer –  And still hated gays, mauybe she was friends with – B+

Michelle Shocked – A bit of a loud mouth – B

Brian "Head" Welch – Of Korn: "I was walking one day, just doing my rock and roll thing making millions of bucks, you know success and everything, addicted to drugs and then the next day I had Revelation of Christ and I was like, everything changes right now!" – A+

Rick Derringer – Re-recording hits (er, hit) as a tribute to Christ – B

MC Hammer – Lost his money, found God – C

Bushwick Bill – Of the Geto Boys! – B

Prince – Well, he must respect somebody – B

Vanity – Where Prince goeth – B

Madonna – became  part of that super hip Jewish thingy – C-

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