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The Playlist Sunday October 25th, 2009: New Mooning Over Anya Marina

Satellite Heart – Anya Marina – Suddenly I can’t throw a brick without hitting somebody from San Diego. Hot on the heels of the low budget horror flick Paranormal Activity which takes place in a light filled and airy house in SD where things go bump in the night comes the blonde and airy Anya Phillips who was completely new to me though she is a former actress and has two albums out, one co-produced by a member of Spoon. Well, like the bright and airy movie, “Satellite Heart” off the New Moon soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful song. Deceptively simple, it sounds at first listen like it is an acoustic step but the music  in the background is strings, even violins by the end, swelling and subsiding and Anya’s low key lovely voice: “I’m a Satellite heart lost in the dark.”

F.R.E.D.D.I.E. – Freddie Gibbs
The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future – Los Campesinos
Date Rape – Sublime
Hate me – Blue October – This is still a ridiculously powerful song off  the disturbed and upsetting but empathic and compassionate Foiled. I can see why the critics don’t love Blue October, there is something a touch histrionic in his choruses, but he repays listening with a sense of a reason for being overwhelemed. He sounds like a teenage, like his body is out of balance.

The End – Blue October
Govermentalist – Joss Stone – Joss, who has been complaining about her record label in the press lately, is so beautiful she is hard to take seriously as a modern day Janis Joplin. Stone is the real deal but she aint Janis Joplin. This hip hop produced soul blues workout plus Nas rap is quite good and still ho hum.

Russian Roulette – Kiss
Natural Forces – Lyle Lovett
Horchata – Vampire Weekend – Improves every time I listen to it and I listen to it a lot. These guys are yet another band who remind me a little of Talking Heads. It’s less sound and more of a certain preppy angularity as if they’ve all just wandered off the set of a Walt Stillman movie. “Here comes a feeling you thought you’d forgotten”. A pretty terrific song.

The World – Brad Paisley
Requiem For Omm 2 – Of Montreal
Sparkle – Aretha Franklin
Tower Of Sound – Leonard Cohen
Run – Benton Paul – A pretty boy pop sing-songwriter from Salt Lake city who is opening for David Archuletta on a december tour. “Run” is a very nice pop song though I did go on his myspace and check out his other songs and wasn’t as thrilled.

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