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Paramore "Monster" Video Reviewed

Paramore is an atrocity.  Bland white rice music for teenage girls who haven't found themselves yet and boys who want to pick up a chick.  Miss Williams has a grating tone to her voice that I cant seem to justify.  I have seen this band perform four times.  Each time I start off thinking I'll be won over and each time it's worse.

It starts with the lead singers pathetic Pat Benetar rip off stage demeanor and tanks as her band just goes through the motions.  The popularity of this band is not something bad, America is infamous for its ability to follow like sheep.  Thus one girl in an off the shoulder t-shirt claiming Paramore is her favorite and the whole damn Junior Class is in agreement.  It's gross, it's sad but it's true.  Paramore has alot of fans, they're paying the bills, they're gaining the fame and all these years later they're still making me sick.  The only good to come of it is now they headline so I don't have to sit through their boring and pathetic act to get to a band I've paid to see.  I thank America for that.

Now as for "Monster', hmm we have Gaga, we have Kanye.. ok cool now Paramore has a monster thing going on.  Again proving to follow is easier than to innovate.

This video is a self loving dance into Paramores ego, great make up pretty colors and water always make things more 'arty' don't you agree?  The moody, 'rock out' scenes in the abandon hospital are so cool and awesome!  I'm lying, its cheap rip off wanna be canned ham rock and roll served on paper plates to idiotic kids who don't have the where with all to realize they're being had.  You think this is art?  You think this is cool?  You wanna buy a bridge cuz you can be sold anything.

I want to like Paramore- I do.  I want my kid to have a female rocker to admire, but its sure as hell not going to be Hayley Williams who is just a cheap knock off of Benetar meets Lauper.  Usually I would include the video in my posts- this one I wont. 

If you want to see it Google it, its right next to the definition of 'a sucker is born every minute'

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