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Panda Bear To Launch World Wide Radio Campaign To Promote His New Album


Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear

Musicians tries all sort of things to release albums, we have seen the totally un-announced one that drops on iTunes or YouTube in the middle of the night, or the hyper publicized one, that people anticipate day after day… I suppose it all depends on your status of celebrity and if Beyoncé and David Bowie can do the first one, Panda Bear is opting for another manner to promote his upcoming album ‘Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper’ out January 13th on Domino Records: he has decided to launch a worldwide radio premiere campaign!

This means that the album will be unveiled tracks, one at the time, via shows on different radio stations in various countries, starting January 4th. Here is the schedule, but you can check by yourself (especially the hours of the broadcast) on the interactive map posted on Domino Records.

Panda Bear’s global radio campaign:

United Kingdom on January 4th via Mary Anne Hoobs/BBC6 Music
Germany on January 4th via Klaus Fiehe on Plan B/1Live
France on January 5th via Label pop/ France Musique
Netherlands on January 5th via Station 3FM/3Voor12
Belgium on January 5th via Select/Studio Brussel
Columbia on January 5th via La Clase/Radionica FM
Washington D.C. on January 5th via All Songs 24/7/NPR
Washington D.C. on January 6th via All Songs Podcast/NPR
Baltimore on January 6th via WTMD
Portugal on January 6th via Newticias/Vodafone FM
Mexico on January 6th via Cuatro Tiempos/ibero 90.5 FM
Los Angeles on January 6th via Morning Becomes Eclectic/ KCRW
Japan on January 6th via The Vance K Show/Inter FM
Australia on January 6th via Up For It/FBi radio

So will it be a good way to launch an album? Using good old airwaves seems to be going backwards at this internet-YouTube-Spotify age, but who knows? I bet musicians are trying very hard to find new ways to make people buy new music, videos and interviews are not enough anymore, as there is less and less reasons to buy music now that music is stream-able everywhere. I am not sure how much of the album we will be able to listen to during one of these shows, but may be fans are going to listen to all of them!

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