Joy Division and New Order's master tapes discovered in the basement of Jamie Oliver's new restaurant.

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Rare Joy Division and New Order master tapes (alongside a gun, gold and jewelry) were found in the basement of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s new restaurant in Manchester!

According to the Daily Mail, the whole thing was discovered in hundreds of old safe deposit boxes (some dating back to 1935), in the vault of an old bank site, now being converted into Oliver’s restaurant.

 The old bank could not confirm what was in the boxes as a spokeman declared:

We cannot reveal the precise contents, but these are safe deposit boxes – there are bound to be valuables in there. If we did find anything illegal in there we would be required to notify police.'

 The boxes got forsaken when the bank moved to a new site, and could not move them because they were part of the structure of the building. As if it was necessary to remind us that banks are definitely very responsible and trustworthy! Put your valuables in safety boxes, and you may get them back 77 years later.

Anyway, there is no word on what songs were on these master tapes, may be some unreleased songs who knows?  

Amazingly, the whole thing was worth £ 1 million, and NME is declaring that Oliver gave everything to the treasury,….to the treasury? What are they going to do with the tapes? Shouldn’t they be turned in to Joy Division’s label? Estate? Peter Hook?

 However, the Daily Mail is reporting that the haul was actually removed before Oliver and his team moved in. So I am not sure what really happened, but it seems that some websites are eager to turn the story into a free ad for Jamie Oliver and his new eatery! Look at this guy and his new place, there even were some super rare tapes of this 80s dark cult band in the basement,… they could even name dishes after Joy Division’s albums and songs, it should not be difficult to name a few deserts ‘Unknown pleasures’ or ‘She’s lost control’

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