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One Direction On Saturday Night Live

Harry And The Boys have large hair

It’s not true that this is a really bad season for SNL, this is a typically bad season for the long running comedy sketch show performed live from Rockefeller Plaza. Around half, maybe more, of season one back in 1975 was terrible and more than half, more like three quarters of last season.

Today’s Paul Rudd starring show splits down the middle. A couple of funny 1D sketches, Will Farrell and the rest of the Anchorman cast joining 1D on an a capella “Afternoon’s Delight” (“Nine Direction”) was quite amusing, and Paul as 1D’s number one fan was pretty funny as well. Only Rudd could get away with not being creepy about screaming for a boy band.

However, 1D themselves are looking pretty ragged in 2013. Especially Harry Sykes whose miles high hairdo  has a lot of explaining to do. The problem with One Direction right now is that everything has to be bigger and better and it certainly is not, though to the bands credit it is no worse. The problem with Midnight Memories isn’t that it has less good songs, it has around four of them, a typical hit list, but it has 18 songs, making the miss list way too high.

The boys musical break, “Story Of My Life”, was a bore and the boys can’t give it any muscle, so you are left to admire their suits, tattoos, and haircuts. I mean really, who the hell are these guys stylists? Is Harry growing uglier? Is Nial growing gayer? And that brooding Pakistani kid who paid off her mom in the movie? He needs a shave.

So yeah, it kinda sucked and, plus, how bad is this Stadium tour gonna be? 17,000 seater, maybe, 70,000 seater? Not so fast. It takes a real good band to reach out and touch someone in a different time zone.

PS: where is Helen Bach, who woulda been much meaner than I was? Well, she has resigned from the SNL beat and I don’t really blame her. 1D are good sports but boring boys.

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