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Not More About The Beatles? US Vs UK a cause of confusion and an album I missed

Speaking with my good buddy Cris Marchignoli he complained that my Beatles overview was confusing because all he knew was the American versions which I didn’t really review. He has a point but the answer is to do mix lists following the English song sequencing, you can get them off Wikipedia. Look at “Rubber Soul” for instance -“Rubber Soul” is a heavily arranged, intensely produced power pop album. It rightly begins with the giddy “Drive My Car” but the US version begins with the country rock “I’ve Just Seen A Face” off “Help”. I think we can safely assume “Rubber Soul” is all of a piece, recorded at the same sessions, and we can also assume (indeed know because our ears tell us) the Beatles were presenting a unified musical statement. The US version is ridiculous and Chris should do himself a favor and make correct versions of the albums from his MP3s. “Revolver” -perhaps the greatest album of all time- is missing 3 Lennon songs on the US version. If Chris prefers that so be it but I don’t know why he would.
I mentioned Wikipedia in the above sentence and I mentioned in my Beatles post I used Wikipedia to for the release dates but he who lives by the Wikipedia also dies by the Wikipedia and I missed the Cirque de Soleil soundtrack, George Martin (and his son) produced Beatle Mash Up “Love”. At the time (2006) I thought it was a pretty useless addition to the canon but on listening it for the first time I really admire how the Martin’s thought so well about the connections between Beatle songs, the coda to “Strawberry Fields” which uses a rehearsal recording -very spare and disconnected till the extended coda where the horns from “Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite” lead to the ends of “Hello Goodbye” “Piggies” and “Hey Jude”. They perform this type musical shamanism over and over again. Grade: ” A”.

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