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New Music Week Of July 6th, 2009: Mimi will be there, Spider Bags were there, Billy Boy may be there one day

Obsessed – Mariah Carey
Yesterday afternoon at the MJ tribute MC over did the glissando’s as she does all too often, on this song about a stalker (or even Mariah herself!) she under sings nicely but as the opening salvo to her hopefully return to form after the disappointing Mimi II it’s all a little on the small side.
Waking Up Drunk – Titus Andronicus
Waking Up Drunk – Spider Bag
It’s You – Spider Bag
One Of My Kind – Spider Bag
Thug Story – T. Swizzy and T. Pain
In search of some new material by Titus Andronicus before their Friday gig at the Whitney, Marie Lynn stumbled upon the Daytrotter website. daytrotter invites upcoming and coming up (or even established, Aimee Mann) musicians into their studios to record some songs and posts them on line where visitors can download the songs for free and legally. On the Titus cover of Spider Bags “Waking Up Drunk” they sound so drunk it isn’t, they sound drunk in a way that is past collegiate or twenty-something cute and into the realm of seriously, dangerously lostly alcoholic. It is a tremendous performance and it cuts the superb country-rock bands orginal. You can find it and a lot more on . Spider bag are the epitome of why it is so hard to be a music critic nowadays: there is so much great music you can’t get a handle on it -Marie Lynn stumbled onto them and I have followed her into worshipping this terrific band. “It’s You” from 2007’s “A Celebration Of Hunger” is the first among equals. This is what Titus had to say about the band on daytrotter: “but actually by a band from North Carolina called Spider Bags, who are the greatest band in the world. This song was on an album called A Celebration of Hunger,which was the best album of 2007 by a wide margin. That album has been unequaled by any album which came since, with the exception of the early mixes we have heard of the new Spider Bags album, Midnight Moving Skies, which is also profoundly amazing. It is staggering to me that Spider Bags are not exponentially more popular, since they are the greatest band in the world and everyone who hears them falls in love with them. We have played with this band quite a few times, and sometimes we have to play after them, at which point we in Titus Andronicus feel very embarrassed. Also, whenever we are in North Carolina, Dan McGee, who is the singer of Spider Bags, lets us stay at his house. Very gracious. Spider Bags are number one.” I have searched in vain for an MP3 of all one minute 37 seconds of the hysterical and wonderful “Thug Story” -if you have one please forward!!!

Bad Habits (Uncut) -Maxwell
Pretty Wings – Maxwell
I saw Marvin Gaye at Radio City Music Hall in 82, saw Maxwell there fifteen years later and the problem isn’t that Maxwell is no Marvin, the problem is Maxwell is no D’Angelo. All D’Angelo’s looks and none of his chops. These two songs off Maxwell’s “BLACKsummernight’s” and the problem is as obvious as the name of the album. Clever but too busy for its own good. Still “Pretty Wings” is a gorgeous song.

Shots -LMFAO & Lil Jon
If “Boom Boom Pow” (which LMFAO produced) is the song of the summer, this would’ve been if it had been available during Spring break this year. Crunk may be dead but if you can’t get off on Lil Jon shouting “If you ain’t come to party get the fuck out of the club…” you’re dead from the waist down. Song of the week.
Cangota – CeU
CeU -a Brazilian vocalist who could teach Little Joy a thing or five stuns in a strange conglom of harmolodics and zylphone. This is from her second album “Vagarosa” and is a weirdly distanced bossa nova dance trance like thing.

Never Can Say Goodbye – Michael Jackson
It took the Presley estate years to figure out they could remove the backing tracks and release “Stripped mixes” like this one. And those were the entreperneurs who once pushed an album consisting of Elvis’ between songs patter in concert. Anyway, let the buying begin. Jackson sounds even younger here than on the original, both fragile and on point, but almost shakey and insecure. It’s creepy and tender at the same time.

One Of My Kind – Conor Oberst
This is the unreleased song I mentioned in my live review on Saturday. An answer song to “Tourist Trap” only this time Conor can’t get out of Omaha. It is a fascinating, brutally honest look at the effect of fame on him and failure on those around him and available in the documentary of the same name. Conor sings it alone accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar and reading the lyic from a yellow legal pad as if he only just wrote it. And what a lyric. Remember how I said it went “walking in the sunlight after being out all night….” it really went “Stand in the sickening sunshine, after staying out all night.”

Do The Joy – Air
I love AIR and have for years -they get my moog on with a very synthy dance music epitomized on their brilliant “Mon Safaris”. Having said all that I don’t listen to them very much though “Do The Joy” is an aptly named, upbeat dance track.

4 Leaf Clover – Billy Boy On Poison
There was a band last year, can’t remember their names, being readied as a next big thingy, but the songs didn’t quite cut it. This isn’t them but BBOP feel similarly faceless. Still this song cuts it: a big rock ballad, a glammy lead singer, throbbing guitars… the usual.

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