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Moby Wants To Plant His Seed, But Releases New Album Instead

Fueled By Tofu

Moby is my vegan home boy.  He is also the epitome of why the general public hates vegans.  Preachy snarky know it all in Chuck Taylors an a pashmina.  Come to find out he’s Alyson Camus’ neighbor as he resides on the cool side of LA.  The arrogant indie sat down for an incredibly trivial and monotone chock full of pompous assitude. 

His new album ‘Innocents’, (which I predict to be killer good unfortunately ) is due out tomorrow, but forget about a tour-he’s too rad and apparently he wants to plant his seed…
“You give up so much of your life, literally and figuratively, when you’re away from home for long periods of time, so I’m 48 years old. I don’t have a serious girlfriend. I don’t have a dogs. So it’d be nice to sort of be home and work and maybe at some point even have a real relationship. I’d love to (be a dad).”

There’s a thought, spawn of Moby!  Actually that sounds like a horror movie.   There is a nifty Q &  A below but unfortunately I have no idea of its source.  Damn you internet for lack of traceability.  Whomever had the sit down with the guy—ya done good cuz I don’t rip off any interview but I have ripped off yours, step up and let me name check ya and source your site! 

Q. You’re kind of going against the prevailing thinking in the music industry right now that say you have to tour to make the money you’re no longer making off record sales?

A. Clearly my manager wants to take me behind Denny’s and beat me up because I have these opportunities to tour and make a decent amount of money and I just say no to everything … There’s this whole world out there, internal and external that is not airports and hotels.

Q. Your last album, 2011’s Destroyed, was all about the music you made while suffering from insomnia on tour. What is Innocents about?

A. It’s about the human condition and the way in which we all respond to the human condition… We’re all human, and none of us knows what that means. So we define ourselves as being human and by definition, we’re baffled. The only people who aren’t baffled by the human condition are zealots, sociopaths and the eggregiously deluded.

Q. And Buddhist monks?

A. Buddhist monks, the reason that they’re all smiling, is ’cause that they’ve just accepted that they’re baffled by the human condition … So that’s what the albums about … specifically the emotional side of it, the vulnerability, the confusion, the ways in which we try to make sense of the universe that’s seemingly inscrutable and unknowable.

Q. And what is our response?

A. We all invest in things knowing full away everything is going to go away. And I sound like either like a nihilist or southern California cliche but like when you’re in New York, everybody in New York believes if they can just have the right amount of money and the right trophy wife and the right house in Palm Beach and the right vacation in St. Bart’s, they’re just convinced that everything will be okay.

Q. Not so in L.A.?

A. There’s two L.A.’S. There’s west side, which is the cliched L.A. of plastic surgery. I live on the east side of L.A., which is weird artists, musicians, book stores, vegetarian restaurants. I’m in Los Feliz, which is near Silver Lake, so Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park, that’s all like a giant Portland, Oregon. It’s this idea among people in Beverly Hills or Manhattan that you can conquer the human condition with things, the right curated collection of stuff, except that they’re literally no evidence that that’s true. Basically if that were true Beverly Hills and the Upper East Side of Manhattan would be filed with people just dancing in the streets. Instead, they’re filled with divorce lawyers, plastic surgeons, therapists and deeply anxious, over medicated people.

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