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Moby: Rather Be an Idiot Than A Pain In The Ass

Moby pretty much says what he means.  I like him.  I think hes a bit up on himself (he once did an entire magazine article on the content of his refrigerator) and slightly arrogant but he can be. 

What i do appreciate about him is his ability to be that smug without a mega cliche life.  Hes not huddled in and out of trendy joints hes not on the talk show circuit and as of yet I have yet to see a Moby fragrance.
Yet steady as he goes he creates some of the most interesting and diverse music.  Its a love hate thing with me.  There are some songs that get the instant 'next' key and some that are on constant repeat.
What brings up the man today is his latest slam on his so called 'peers'
Quoting Moby: “I’ve worked with all sorts of random people – everybody from Metallica to Britney Spears to Ozzy Osbourne to Michael Jackson to the Beastie Boys. I’ve got a really strange CV. It’s interesting – I work with a lot of these disparate, different people to learn what it’s like to work with random people. “(But) at this point, I mainly just like working with my friends. When you work with famous people, there are 50 other people in their entourage (and) a sense of entitlement and arrogance. “If you work with your friends, they come over, you make music together, you make spaghetti, you watch The Simpsons, you go out and have a drink. It’s a much more relaxed experience than trying to work with rock stars. Rock stars are a pain in the ass.”
Here Moby admits he is not a rock star(he really isn't) but also somehow makes NOT being a star seem superior.  Really no one wants to be a star right?  Im pretty sure this will get him some needed attention- now how about some new music?  You can follow him on twitter.. his name? 
Go figure

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