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Mikal Cronin Parodies An Old Classic For His Song ‘Say’


Mikal Cronin as Paul Simon

If you don’t have any good idea for your next music video, why not recreating an old good one? A good one from the mid-80’s? This is what Mikal Cronin just did for his song ‘Say’, he re-created the famous Paul Simon’s video for ’You Can Call Me Al’, the funny one with Chevy Chase. Oh yeah, Mikal totally has the Simon look, and he is stuck in this pink room as in the original, bringing music instruments like bongo while Chevy Chase does all the singing, or pretend to. But, and this is where the video takes some liberty with the original, more than one Chevy Chase ends up in this room, thanks to a few tall comedians (Kurt Braunohler, Nelson Franklin, and Nick Thune and a few more), and you know what happens when too many people want the same thing, it turns into fights and even murders! What a nightmare!

I have no idea how they came up with this idea since Cronin’s music has nothing to do with the South-African-inspired hit, the only thing the two songs may have in common are the horns, otherwise, it’s a cool and fluid indie song, with loud surf-y guitars, a fast drive and a very catchy-hooky bridge.

If you are not familiar with Mikal Cronin (and I barely know him), he has already released 3 solo albums, he often plays guitar in Ty Segall’s live bands, and ‘Say’ is featured on his third album ‘MCIII’ released on Merge. It’s more pop than garage rock and since there is so much around these days, this ‘Funny or Die’ video is sure to be a good way to attract the attention, but was this bloody ending really necessary? Watch both  videos below


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