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Mark Ronson Talks (Just Not to Us)

Really Mystified

Really Mystified

Alexis Petridis wrote this in the Guardian about Mark Ronson:

As I’m leaving, he starts talking again about the guitar part on Uptown Funk that made him faint. He played it to his stepfather, Mick Jones, of AOR titans Foreigner. “And he said: ‘Oh, that’s good, is that Nile Rodgers?’

“That’s what I’ve done,” he says, a little heavily. “I’ve made something so good that people don’t actually think it’s me.”

look: Ronson’s version of “Toxic” -mixing in ODB, is a masterpiece, indeed Version is a great album, his production work on back To Black is even better, but Record Collection (five years ago!) was a disaster and “Uptown Funk” is too outsourced, though a huge hit, and “Daffodils” is much worse though “Feel Right” is a return to form, Mystical’s vocal is exemplary.

What I am claiming is Ronson is OK but not as good as he thinks he is, for all his oh so English self-deprecation. With the success of “Uptown Funk” , Mark’s third album Uptown Special arrives with a lot riding on it. Bruno and Mystical are cool, but Stevie Wonder is featured on one track… Some quotes:

About “Uptown Funk”: “We did 45 takes of it and I just couldn’t get it, it sounded like horrible bullshit, so we went to lunch, walked down to a restaurant. Everyone was saying: ‘Dude, what’s wrong with you? You’ve gone totally white.’ Because I was going on pretending everything was just fine; you don’t want to admit that you’re just not there, you’re not where you want to be. And I went to the toilet and just … fainted. I threw up, and fainted. They had to come and carry me out of the toilet.”

“Ghostface Killah isn’t going to work with me because my mum’s in Tatler and my stepdad was in Foreigner”

“No one’s ever going to compare to Amy because of the talent she had and the unique bond we had, that rapport, that energy in the studio. For all the stuff that I did on Back to Black, I think we only ever spent five or six days together in the studio. Maybe 10. Valerie was done in two hours. Her thing was so effortless in a way, because … well, because she would just … it was just what came out – that’s it. ‘That’s it, I’m not changing anything, that’s what came out of me and it’s good enough.’ And every time it was obviously good enough, and special. It was just … a thing.”

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