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Madonna Too Old For BBC Radio ?


Madonna at the Grammys

According to the Daily Mail, things are not going very well for Madonna, radio-speaking. She may have done a killer dance number at the Grammys last week, she may have a new album, but apparently, she is not relevant enough for the airwaves. Her latest song ‘Living For Love’ off her new album ‘Rebel Heart’ has been available since December 20th, but BBC Radio 1 has played the song just once since, during a late evening show. The UK radio station has said that the single has been ‘omitted from playlists on the basis of audience relevance and musical merit’… ouch! This is harsh for the 56-year-old performer.

According to the Daily Mail, someone working at Radio 1 revealed: ‘At the end of the day it’s all about relevance. It’s natural that as an artist gets older their audience goes elsewhere and Radio 1 has to reflect that.’

‘The station has a duty to meet the needs of younger listeners. I don’t think the audience is losing sleep that it is not playing Madonna in the same way that it used to.’

Meaning, yeah, we used to play her a lot in the 80s, but she is definitively too old now, despite what a Radio 1 spokesman said: ‘Tracks are chosen on musical merit, and while around 40 per cent of the country’s 15 to 29-year-olds tune into Radio 1 each week, an artist’s age is never a factor.’ Yeah right!

Nevertheless, the newspaper confirms that Paul McCartney’s new single will be played by Radio 1 despite the fact that Macca is much older than Madonna (he is 72), but, of course, everybody knows that this new single is a collaboration with the new generation (Kanye West and Rihanna). Is this why McCartney is so desperate to collaborate with youngsters, because he is desperate to remain relevant enough for Radio 1’s radar?

However, these radio people are delusional, kids do not listen to radio anymore!! Don’t they know this? All they care about is their streaming stations and their iPhones, radios are for old people like me. Still, if you were watching Madonna at the Grammy, you may have been impressed by her flexibility at her ‘old’ age, she is still in great shape, and think whatever about her, we are much harder with women than men when it comes to age… I just wonder how long she will be able to cheat with time as she does.

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