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The love story continues: TAYLOR SWIFT TO PLAY NEW YORK AREA

The tallest and youngest superstar Taylor “I’m a country singer” Swift is coming back to the New York area. Here are those dates:

 May 12 – Newark, NJ

May 13 – Newark, NJ

May 14 – Uniondale, NY

May 15 – Uniondale, NY

Swift has had a magical ride this year, from sold out concerts around the country, to rap songs (when is “Thug Story” gonna be released?), to a smasherino hit album Fearless, VMA awards and tustles with world famous rappers live on MTV, Swift has crossed over to a place only a few country singers can claim, specifically, the hearts of tweens and later the hearts of everybody in States.

Taylor has enjoyed the ride but she has deserved the ride. Her first album Taylor Swift was perfect in its own way, “Tim McGraw”, “Tears On The Pillow”, “Pictures To Burn”… two ballads and a stomper, are as good as anything except “Love Story” (and “Thug Story”). There are two great things about TS: here songs and her charm. She has that down homey, egoless persona that you don’t find on, say, Miley Cyrus. It might be fake, actually I don’t see how it can’t be a little faked, but to see her standing to the side as Kanye takes her spotlight is to see a girl at the prom watching her date walk off with another guy.

The other is the songs. Fearless is a flawless expression of teenage angst. Taylor names names and calls her boys out; she troubles em, she cries in the rain with them, remembers them, is stood uo and stood down behind studio perfect country-rock. It is big business, big country and big emotions but real emotions. Taylor gives, not edge, but a romantic realness that everybody responds well too.

Her show seemed a bit iffy from a distance -all girly frills and big production numbers, I realize this is a big tour and it isn’t always sweet from the cheap seats but Swift needs to tone it down before you tears it up. She needs to work on the small things, she needs to learn how to front a band with just her music.

Luckily she has all the big stuff covered

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