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Kill My Coquette’s Natalie Denise Sperl Speaks To Us!


Natalie Denise Sperl (photo by Brandise Danesewich)

I got to see Kill My Coquette at Three Clubs just before Christmas, and the quartet blew up the place. Natalie Denise Sperl fronts the band with the attitude of a future rockstar while ‘boasting vital rock & punk with a twist of designer blues’. They claim to be influenced by a plethora of game-changing artists such as Jack White, Lou Reed, Joan Jett and the New York Dolls, and their self-titled debut EP is due out on January 20th. Written and arranged by Natalie, the 5-song EP was recorded at Evelyn Martin Recordings in Los Angeles with producer Danny McGough (Tom Waits, Social Distortion). I had the chance to talk to Nathalie by email and she is an interesting woman, certainly decided and bound to succeed, I have to admit that I can’t really make her dream collaboration happen soon but she should definitively stay away from Courtney Love!

What is the story behind your moniker?

KILL MY COQUETTE is ambiguous. Is he the coquette? Am I??


Is there an artist who had a profound impact on your decision to write music?

Lou Reed.
I read that the music of Mike Ness and Social Distortion was influential for you, which other artists are your models and inspirations in music and outside the world of music?

The Velvet Underground, Brody Dalle, Edie Sedgwick, William Burroughs, Jack White, Bette Davis, Iggy Pop, Keith Richards, Lauren Bacall, Sharon Stone.


What message do you want to pass through your songs, more personal feelings, or political and social messages?

I can’t force a message. That would be posing. I write what I write. Mostly as of now it’s been personal. I’m not a role model. Sure, I have a platform but I’m not interested in preaching, per say. I want to write about what’s on my mind and on my heart at the moment.


Who are the musicians currently collaborating with you? Who are the musicians playing with you?

David Stucken on lead guitar. He is a sick talented singer and songwriter in his own right. Mike Evans plays bass. He comes from the Bay area with a punk background. Solid guy and player. Kelly Hagerman tears it up on the drums. These guys are tight.


What is your dream collaboration?

Duet with Iggy Pop, David Johansen, Jack White or Brody Dalle. Can u make it happen??  🙂


Who/what is your guilty pleasure (if you believe that such a thing exists)?

Korean spas!  I’m there all the time.


What do you think of this quote by Jenny Lewis? Do you agree or do you think you are always writing about personal things? ‘People assume I’m always writing about specific things about myself — and there’s an element of that — but there’s always an element of fabrication as well.’

I’m not going to reveal if I’m writing about myself or someone else. I like to keep some mystery behind my work. Keep ’em guessing…


Do you have big goals for your band? How do your think your sound is going to evolve?

Yes. Big goals: Coachella 2016, Bonnaroo, Reading, etc.  I want to play all the great festivals. Endorsements, campaigns, TV appearances.  Smaller goals: gig around SoCal while promoting our debut EP due out January 20th. I’d love to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live here in Hollywood. Do a mini tour up and down the west coast. I think the more we play the more Kill My Coquette’s sound will evolve. I’m writing like a fiend.  I’ve got so much material I’m working on.


You are also a model and an actress, what do you enjoy doing the most and why?

Modeling is what I’ve always loved doing. Putting on high end designer gowns and walking the runway is one of the coolest things. The histrionics backstage at those shows are legendary. I love all that shit. Acting is great when you can get the work. I’m hoping to land a role in a Tarantino film. I know he’d love me. Oliver Stone or Paul Thomas Anderson too, if you’re out there…


You seemed very at ease on stage, do you get nervous before performing?

Always. I just pretend I’m not. It goes away by the second or third song.


What do you think of Courtney Love?

Love her. She wasn’t so keen on me though. I met her at an Oscar after party on Melrose and she dissed me at the bar after I told her I’m a huge fan and asked her what she was wearing. She gave me her best ice queen stare and said “Cavalli dahhhling,” as if she was doing her best Tallulah Bankhead and then gave me her shoulder. I walked away dejected. I challenge her to meet me back at that bar (she knows the one, they throw the biggest Oscar party every year) and replay the same scene. I’ve got a come back for her this time!  😉


What do you think of the present state of the music business? I am talking about Spotify and other streaming services which pay musicians only pennies. Is your music is going to be on Spotify? Do you think it is still possible to have a successful career in music?

Yes, Kill My Coquette will be available on Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon for now. Is it possible to have a successful career in music today? Yeah anything’s possible. Is it likely? No. Until people stop feeling entitled to steal Art, musicians can’t make a living.  Won’t stop me from making it, but it may stop others. That’s a shame. When people have to stop creating because it simply won’t pay the bills. Do YOU want to live in a world without Art? I don’t. Support the Arts, especially music or it will no longer exist.


What do you think of the importance of social media in a music career? Isn’t it a bit overwhelming to be doing everything (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,…) at once?

Yes! During the time it’s taking me to answer this, I have become irrelevant online because I wasn’t up in everyone’s face peddling my goods. Sad.


What is your favorite movie? And why?

Martin Scorsese’s “Casino.”  I would love to have been around in that time in Las Vegas. Sharon Stone should have won that Oscar. Marty, call me. Let’s take it to Broadway so I can fulfill my dream of playing that part!

Thanks so much, this was fun!

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